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Migrate to a new instance of the Visual Recognition service

This tutorial outlines the steps required to migrate a new instance of the Visual Recognition service on IBM Cloud. The tutorial follows the instructions provided...

Analyse call recordings with Watson

Using Watson services on IBM Cloud, the Call Analytics with Watson tool transcribes call recordings hosted in IBM COS and stores cognitive insights in Db2

Secure Gateway with Watson Services on IBM Cloud

In this recipe, I describe the steps required to create a new Secure Gateway on IBM Cloud. We use this new gateway to establish a...

IBM's Voice Agent with Watson and Twilio

In this recipe I'll detail the steps required to integrate IBM Cloud's Voice Agent with Watson experimental service with Twilio. This recipe is accompanied by...

Hosting a custom web portal for SoftLayer on Bluemix using Docker

Access the Dockerfile used to build our local image I’ve created a repository on Gitgub to share the Dockerfile & associated config file we’ll use...

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