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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Data Science

Artificial intelligence and data science are two facets that are important in the management of information in this modern age of doing business.

How Cloud Computing Is Going to Change for Good in 2019

Cloud Computing is going to change the way how business organisations have been running their operations so far. So, buckle up.

8 Ingredients of a Perfect Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is on the rise but not many people know how to start it the first place and therefore they started on the wrong...

Impact of Big Data on Social Media Marketing Strategies

Big data is making its impact felt everywhere and social media is certainly not an exception. The concept of social media marketing is now getting...

5 Ways to Build a Website Without Writing A Single Line of Code

Shopify Those of you who are planning to launch an ecommerce website to sell products should opt for Shopify. It is probably the best website...

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