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Bluemix Watson APIs Quickstart using Java SDK - version 2016

This tutorial will show you how to quickly create a Java application that uses Watson APIs

Using Watson APIs Guide for Non-Developers

This recipe will show how to do Watson REST calls without using a programming language

Punk or Pop? Let Watson Natural Language Classifier Decide!

Get a Natural Language Classifier instance from Bluemix and load the data Click on “Access the beta toolkit”, which is a very fine web application...

Perform a simple product review analysis using Watson Tone Analyzer

Get your Watson Tone Analyzer Credential You don’t really need to create a Bluemix application for this. You can just get a Tone Analyzer instance...

Translate Your Tweets In Real-Time Using Bluemix and Watson

Introduction Let’s suppose that you want to write your tweets for different audiences. Bluemix Node-Red can easily fetch your posts from a primary Twitter account...

Estimate a Child’s Age Based on Photos using Watson Visual Recognition

Define your image sets Children grows fast. And our sons and daughters have lots of photos taken by a proud family. At the same time,...

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