Manjunath Matathamana


Manjunath is a freelance frontend developer and a cloud expert.

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Security Aspects of IBM Cloud Platform - All You Need to Know

In this post, we'll take a quick look at the security parameters of IBM Cloud.

Introduction to SIEM and SIEM Tools in the Cloud

This post covers details about managing security information and event management in the cloud.

Building a Neural Network Model with IBM Watson Studio

Watson Studio’s Neural Network Modeler provides the user with an intuitive and expressive graphic based tools to help develop powerful deep learning models. This tutorial...

Cloud Pricing Guide For Developers and Entrepreneurs

Are you getting unexpected charges in your monthly cloud bill? This recipe focuses on tools & techniques that should help developers and entrepreneurs to keep...

Deploy a Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud Container Service

This is a basic tutorial that should help you get started on deploying a Kubernetes cluster into the IBM Cloud Container Service

Options for Designing a Modern Data Warehouse

This post covers modern-day solutions for implementing data warehouses.

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