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Steve Perry has been a professional software developer since 1991 using a variety of languages, but his favorite is Java. He is the author of Java Management Extensions (O'Reilly), Log4j Shortcut (O'Reilly) and has moderated the developerWorks Java Enterprise Open Source Application Architecture community. He has been a developerWorks contributor since 2009. Steve is Principal Consultant for Makoto Consulting Group, Inc. in Little Rock, AR, USA. When he isn't playing hockey or practicing yoga, Steve likes to make educational videos and post them on YouTube for Makoto TV. Check it out here and please subscribe!

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The Java 8 Time API

When you're finished with this recipe, you will have a complete picture of how to work with JDK Date/Time classes in your applications.

Android and the Cloud

So you have this great web service. Now what? Run it in the cloud, of course. In this recipe I’ll show you how to deploy...

Java Language Anonymous Classes Using Vaadin 8 and WebSphere Liberty

Follow this recipe and you will learn what anonymous classes are, and how to use them to make your Java™ code more compact and maintainable....

Vaadin 8 + WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile (WLP)

This recipe shows you how to use Eclipse to build and run rich, responsive Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications using the Vaadin framework. You will...

Java Language Type Erasure

This recipe defines type erasure, how it relates to Java Generics, and describes a few of those cryptic-looking error and warning messages you get when...

Java Language Polymorphism

This recipe will demonstrate how polymorphism works using the Java™ language. There are videos and step-by-step instructions for building this recipe. When you are done,...

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