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GPS Tracker over LTE-M using FiPy and IBM Watson IoT platform

A Pytrack and FiPy (from Pycom) based GPS tracker that connect to the Watson IoT platform over LTE Cat M1 network and sends an MQTT...

Connecting Pycom LoPy devices to Watson IoT via KPN LoRa network

Integration of Pycom LoPy modules with the Watson IoT platform using the KPN LoRa network in the Netherlands

Connecting Pycom devices to Watson IoT platform

Pycom devices integration with Watson IoT platform using MicroPython and MQTT clients connecting over WiFi

The Things Network (TTN) and IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix) integration

Transfer data from a LoRa enabled IoT device via the LoRaWAN network of TTN (The Things Network) to IBM Cloud platform using Node Red.

LoRa Radio add-on for IoT Gateway

This implementation helps extend the range of an IoT Gateway device and connect LoRa or Packet radio capable devices to send data in string format...

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