Todd Kaplinger is a Senior Technical Staff Member and IBM Master Inventor in IBM’s Cloud Group. He is the Mobile Cloud Platform Architect focusing on delivering Mobile Cloud Services and has been one of IBM leading thought leaders and architects in mobile for the past 4 years. Todd is an expert in mobile application development in both Android and iOS as well as a strong history in web-based technologies such as Node and Java. In the past 16 years, Todd has been the lead architect on many IBM incubation projects and has participated in various Java Standards Groups.

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Configuring Ingress Controller on IBM Cloud Private

In this recipe, I demonstrate how to enable access logging IBM Cloud Private using the built in Ingress. This recipe will teach you...

Kubernetes Chaos Monkey on IBM Cloud Private

In this recipe, I demonstrate how to connect to IBM Cloud Private and configure a Chaos Monkey script. This script randomly kills pods in your...

Istio is not just for microservices

What is Istio? An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices

Increase deployment velocity with Kubernetes Helm Charts

What is Helm? It's a dependency management tool for Kubernetes. When deploying apps to Kubernetes, Helm makes it incredibly easy to version deployments, package them,...

Orchestrate secure etcd deployments with Kubernetes and Operator

etcd is a distributed key value store that provides a reliable way to store data across a cluster of machines. In this recipe, I...

IBM Cloud Object Storage - Uploading Objects Using Pre-Signed URLs

S3 provides a feature (Signed URLs) that enables an easy but powerful feature for sharing your Object Storage with end users without sharing your access...

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