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Parsing returned data from a NodeJS Server inside BPM Via HTTP

This is the parsing side of our previous recipe where we query cloud database and return raw data in a form of JSON. Here...

Sending an HTTP Request to a Node Database and having it respond with raw database information to IBM BPM

We will use Node to create a response server and access a cloud database that is set up through the Bluemix catalog. This response server...

Creating Task Completion, Task Assignment and Next Highest Priority Task on the Same Page Functionality Inside IBM BPM

We will use BPM to create a service that iterates through all items in a task queue without returning to the Process Center

Sending an Email through IBM Business Process Manager utilizing HTTP Request, Bluemix, and Sendgrid

By utilizing Bluemix, NodeJS, SendGrid , and HTTP requests, I will show you how to bypass the native IBM BPM email functionality. This will allow...