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WordPress is most certainly one of the most popular content management systems available. Since Wordpress is highly flexible and immensely resourceful in nature, it is no wonder that it is gaining immensely popularity in the design and development sector. 

But designing and developing a wordpress based website takes a lot of time and effort and you will have to hire a developer to design a powerful website for your brand. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on wordpress development thanks to the availability of website builders. Here we are going to analyze top 5 website builders that are way better than wordpress -


  1. Shopify

    Those of you who are planning to launch an ecommerce website to sell products should opt for Shopify. It is probably the best website builders available out there. Over 325,000 ecommerce stores are now being powered by Shopify. The coolest thing about Shopify is that it has a wide range of plans available. Be it a large business or a small store, Shopify has the best solution for all. Its templates are extremely flexible and customizable that allows users to make their website look unique.

  2. Jimdo

    If you want to launch a website for free, Jimdo is the way to go. It has both paid and free packages and the paid package. You can start off with a free package and then upgrade the plan if you like its features. Jimdo allows you to create a professional and SEO friendly website in a matter of few minutes.  It does not have any fancy features but its existing features are more than enough to launch a decent looking website. It offers unlimited bandwidth, huge amount of storage space and the integration of Google maps is as easy as ABC.

  3. Webflow

    It is a new entrant but it has all the features that an average person needs to launch a full-fledged website without taking any assistance of a professional web designer. Webflow is a California based company that has developed this simplistic platform that allows people to develop websites without learning the basics of coding or designing. Just use its simple drag and drop feature and you will be able to have complete control over the interface of your website.

  4. Silex

    Silex is an open source website builder that allows you to use WYSWIG editor and drag and drop tool to control the interface of the website you are planning to launch. Now, if you know how to code javascript or CSS, Silex allows you to change the interface by giving you access of the main CSS or JavaScript files. Silex has loads of free templates to choose from and most of these templates are mobile friendly.

  5. BigCommerce

    As the name suggest, this website builder is meant for those who are planning to launch a large ecommerce website with hundreds and thousands of pages.  It has a repository of creative and responsive templates to choose from. You can even manage payment method and shipping process. All its templates are SEO friendly and that means, your ecommerce website will get better visibility online easily with BigCommerce.

  6. Conclusion

    So, these are some free web builders that are making a difference in the field of web design. Of course, there are some new entrants in this field but these website builders have proved their mettle by meeting the customers’ requirements and by delivering value added service.

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