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Video marketing is on the rise but not many people know how to start it the first place and therefore they started on the wrong foot. Here we are going to discuss 8 tips that will help you create great video marketing mix.


If you are searching for more effective methods to rapidly expand your business and increase your profits to improve your bottom line, then you should incorporate video marketing into your current business strategy immediately. While SEO marketing efforts for getting your website on the first page of Google search results are essential, it is important that you do not overlook the Internet’s second largest search engine – YouTube.


  1. Know Thy Audience

    In today’s digital age, people are hungry for information, but they tend to prefer spending a few of their precious moments watching a video than spending twice the time scanning text. In fact, studies have shown that Americans view more than 21 billion videos on the Internet each year. Within the following article, we will take a look at how video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and critical methods for businesses to reach target audiences.

  2. Gain Exposure on Popular Social Media Outlets

    Establishing your business’ presence on leading video platforms will do wonders to help you generate new leads, engage with customers, and show off your brand. With upwards of three billion searches and six billion hours of video viewed each month, YouTube is a marketing powerhouse that attracts more adults than any cable network. Video marketing or to be precise explainer video is also quickly expanding to Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, and Google Hangouts for sharing short creative blips of information. Since statistics show over 675 million people tune in to watch online videos, adding these social media outlets to your Internet marketing campaign is the path to success.

  3. Capture the Attention of Your Target Audience

    With both audio and visuals, videos provide a marketing medium that appeal to several more senses than blog posts filled with written word. Since the use of sound and moving images is able to elicit stronger feeling for your targeted audience, you will be able to facilitate a better understanding of your organization’s overall mission and services. In our fast-paced busy lives, our society has become addicted to consuming video content mainly because it captures our attention without requiring too much thought. Rather than sifting through paragraphs of written content, videos place important information right in front of them in under two minutes and engage potential customers in a much shorter timeframe.

  4. Easily Persuade Potential Customers

    When crafting your website, it may seem advantageous to simply write down all of the reasons why your targeted audience should purchase your product or sign up for your services. Regardless of whether you have a knack for spinning flowery language, it will be significantly easier for you to market your business when customers can actually see your products or services in action through video content. Using video creates a valuable opportunity for you to truly show off your products and let your company’s strong points speak for themselves. In an online video, you can visually explain exactly why people should care about what you’re selling and choose you over your competitors.

  5. Drive Increased Traffic on Your Website

    One of the best advantages to boosting your organization’s video marketing efforts is that you will unintentionally drive more traffic to your website. Rather than the fast clicks that accompany skimming, visitors to your webpage will make longer stays on your website to view the entire duration of your videos. If you are mostly sharing videos on social media platforms, your target audience can still be grabbed by what they saw and inquire for more information on your site. Due to the ease of hitting the “like” button and sharing the video seamlessly with friends, there is also the potential for your prospective customers to distribute your videos across the World Wide Web for receiving even more traffic and sales on your website.

  6. Engage in Real-Time Interaction with Customers

    If there is one thing people enjoy more than watching videos, it is leaving their two cents in the comment section immediately below the video. This is important component of your video marketing strategy because it gives you the valuable opportunity to engage with your customers and learn more about what your target audience thinks about your brand. Comments left on your videos will deliver the essential feedback that is needed to redirect your marketing efforts in order to better meet consumer needs. Also, answering specific questions and mentioning customers by name in a response video can also help you win major brownie points.

  7. Keep Marketing Costs Down with Affordability

    Innovative technological advancements have enabled businesses to effectively market their products or services across the Internet without having to break the bank with steep costs. You can easily produce online videos on a budget by getting your hands on editing software, cameras, and other important hardware items at a significantly cheaper rate than before. In fact, there are a number of companies scattered nationwide that will grant you video production facilities at an affordable price. Since videos that make it into cyberspace live on forever and stay in Google results for a long time, it is a cost-effective method for reaping benefits.

  8. Translate Views into Purchases

    Statistics have shown that online shoppers who viewed video content were 174% more likely to hit the buy button than shoppers who did not. Since there is no option to immediately buy an item when watching a television ad without finding a computer or driving to the store, online videos are valuable ways to let customers directly buy what you are selling. When you make an informative and fun video that truly connects with viewers, you will have the opportunity to quickly translate views into purchases for boosting your bottom line.

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