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Familiarity with Bluemix and Travis CI

Users who use Travis CI to deploy to Bluemix, can gain visibility of this in their toolchain. By using a custom toolchain integration in Bluemix, users can link back to deployment information in Travis CI. This recipe will detail steps to accomplish this.


For users who wish to deploy to Bluemix via Travis CI, check out the recipe here


  1. Sign In to Travis CI

    Navigate to https://travis-ci.org/ and click the Sign in with GitHub button at the top right. Sign in with your credentials if you are not automatically signed in.

    Travis CI login

  2. Select the Repo to Integrate

    On the lefthand side of Travis CI, select the repository to integrate (under the My Repositories header). Copy the URL from the search bar. This should be of the form https://travis-ci.org/<REPO OWNER>/<REPO NAME>

    Travis CI repos

  3. Log In to Bluemix

    Navigate to https://bluemix.net. Click the Log In button at the top left and sign in using your credentials.

    Bluemix Login

  4. Navigate to Toolchains

    Once in Bluemix, select the Menu button at the top left. Select the Services button from the menu options, then select the DevOps item towards the bottom. This should navigate you to a new page. Select Toolchains on the lefthand side if it is not already selected.

    Expanded Blumix menu

  5. Create a Toolchain

    Click the Create a Toolchain button on the lefthand side.

    Create a toolchain page


    Select the toolchain template that fits your needs best, this tutorial is using the Build your own toolchain option. Name your toolchain and click the Create button.

    Toolchain templates

  6. Add Travis CI to the Toolchain

    Click the Add a Tool button.
    Add a tool

    Select Other Tool from the list of options.

    Available tools

    Fill in the text boxes as follows:

    • Tool name: Travis CI
    • Lifecycle phase:¬†Deliver
    • Icon URL:¬†https://cdn.travis-ci.com/images/logos/TravisCI-Mascot-1-61693e8ade8a553878c2307f0c08749d.svg
    • Documentation URL:¬†https://docs.travis-ci.com/
    • Tool instance name: <Repo name>
    • Tool instance URL: <URL from step 2>
    • Description:¬†The Travis CI build of our <Repo name>¬†repo
    • Additional properties: <Leave blank>

    Click the Create Integration button.

    Integration details

    Thats it! Your toolchain is now integrated with Travis CI. Clicking on this toolchain integration will bring you back to the Travis CI build specified in step 1.


  7. Closing thoughts

    Travis CI is a powerful DevOps tool. Integrating Travis CI with Bluemix allows Bluemix users to leverage this power.



    Jesse Antoszyk is a Software Engineer with IBM Cloud.

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