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This recipe explains how to implement the event integration between CA UIM on the cloud and Netcool on premise inside customer's IT infrastructure using SNMP traps.


For this recipe the following prerequisites are expected:

  • an existing and working Netcool environment on premise;
  • an existing CA UIM instance running in the Cloud;
  • network flow (outbound to internet) from customer on premise network to the CA UIM instance in the cloud;
  • an available machine to install a new probe on the Netcool environment;
  • an existing CA UIM relay hub with network flow to both Netcool env and CA UIM env.


  1. Install the SNMP Probe (in case it does not exists)

    The SNMP probe is used to receive SNMP traps from the CA UIM solution.

    The probe needs to be installed and connected to the existing Netcool environment so the received traps can be used later on the current integrations, like ticketing, emailing, automations and others.

    For more information on how to install the Netcool SNMP Probe component, please refer to the documentation available on the following link.


  2. Install CA UIM SNMPGTW probe

    The SNMPGTW probe is used to send events to Netcool infrastructure using SNMP traps.

    The probe needs to be installed/deployed on the existing CA UIM environment and configured to send traps for all the required events generated from the monitored devices. On this proposed architecture the SNMPGTW probe will resides on a existing CA UIM Relay Hub near the Netcool SNMP probe. Communication uses UDP/162 port.

    Picture below shows how to deploy the probe. From Archive, find the snmpgtw and select Deploy. Target device will be the Relay Hub near Netcool SNMP Probe.


    For more information on how to deploy the SNMPGTW Probe component, please refer to the documentation available on the following link.


  3. Required configuration on the Netcool side (SNMP Probe)

    The CA UIM MIB file must be loaded into the Netcool SNMP probe to allow Netcool to “understand” the traps and consume the event correctly.

    Use Netcool MIB manager to generate the required probe rule for the CA UIM events.

    More information about the Netcool MIB Manager can be found in the following link.


    More information about the CA UIM MIB file can be found in the following link.


  4. Required configuration on the CA UIM side (SNMPGTW Probe)

    Follow steps below to configure SNMPGTW probe to send events to netcool.

    1. Using Admin Console, navigate to the relay hub that received the snmpgtw probe;
    2. Configure the snmpgtw probe;
    3. Add a new profile (e.g. IBM Netcool)
    4. Configure IP address and select Active, as shown below
  5. Required configuration on the CA UIM side (Queue)

    For the events to flow from the Primary HUB to the Relay HUB where the SNMPGTW probe will be running two new QUEUEs need to be created as shown below.

    1- On the Primary HUB


    2- On the Relay HUB


  6. Event Flow Testing

    If the integration is working, the events should be arriving Netcool SNMP probe just like shown on below pictures.



  7. Overall Architecture

    The event flow for the CA UIM to Netcool integration is shown below.


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