Skill Level: Beginner

Requires mainly the ability to use basic HTTPS API endpoints

This recipe will show you how to add Caretaker to your app and provide your users with seamless computer energy management.
You will learn how to get access to Caretaker and integrate it into your application.


- If you don't have one yet, create a user on the Caretaker platform (Caretaker Login)

- It will also be helpful if you have prior knowledge working with Watson IoT and HTTPS API endpoints


  1. Step 1 - Join Caretaker

    In the first step, visit the Caretaker platform and create a new Caretaker user for use in your app.
    Caretaker Login

    In order for Caretaker to be able to track & analyze the energy usage of your computers, you need to install agent software locally. The agent app will then follow the energy consumption, as well as time spent on/off/sleep mode etc.. You can read more about these steps in the information package below.
    Getting Started with Caretaker

    NB! Make sure you securely store your API access token and make it available for your app as it will be used when integrating with the platform.

  2. Step 2 - Access Caretaker

    Once finished the registration process & installing agent software on relevant computers, you are ready to start using Caretaker!


    Base HTTPS APIs

    Firstly, you can use the base HTTPS API endpoints to see energy usage within your organization by computer or on aggregate. You can also view which are the top/bottom computers by energy costs, energy usage, carbon footprint, sleep time etc.

    See more info below:
    Caretaker API Documentation v.1.0

    NB! The API token acquired in step 1 will now serve as your access pass to all API endpoints


    Chatbot HTTPS API

    Secondly, you can use the IBM Watson powered Caretaker chatbot, which will allow your users to get energy consumption data by simple conversation with the AI.

    See more info below:
    Caretaker Chatbot API Documentation v.1.0



  3. Step 3 - Use Caretaker

    With Caretaker at your service, your users will be able to track energy consumption real-time, as well as have access to statistics both via the Caretaker web platform and IBM Watson powered chatbot.

    You are free to make the best use of Caretaker for your needs, here are a few use-cases we suggest trying:

    Web/native app based real-time dashboard
    – Follow relevant statistics (energy consumption, costs, carbon footprint) & create reports
    – Troubleshoot inefficiencies within your organization & reduce costs
    – Supplement your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts & increase transparency

    IBM Watson powered virtual assistant
    – Lets anyone easily ask for the statistics of their interest and get instant responses
    – Quickly change energy usage policies & execute other management operations (coming soon…)
    – Get answers to your questions & create support tickets with the Caretaker team (coming soon…)

    If you have additional requirements and ideas or you are experiencing difficulty, please feel free to contact Stephen from the Caretaker team via this email
    Stephen Grant (sgrant@taigatech.it)

    Happy coding!

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