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This recipe explains the steps to install Cloud Pak for applications v4.0 on top of OCP 4.2 version.

Most of the steps mentioned below to be done from your local system. Switch to infra node, when it is explicitly mentioned.


RHOCP 4.2 cluster up and running.

The latest version of this recipe for "IBM Cloud Pak for Applications v4.0.1 Installation" is available in the link below.




  1. References

    The detailed steps about this instllation is available in the knowledge center at the location



  2. Get the entitlement key

    Get the entitlement key of the cloud pak for application through your channel.

    IBMers can get if from the below URL for the internal consumption.



  3. Extract the installation configuration from the installer image

    1. Replace the <<entitlement_key>> value and run the below export commands to set the entitled registry information.

    export ENTITLED_REGISTRY=cp.icr.io
    export ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY=<<entitlement_key>>


    2. Do the docker login to access the entitled registry by running the below command



    3. Create a “data” directory by running the below command

    mkdir data


    4. Extract the installation configuration files by running the below command

    docker run -v $PWD/data:/data:z -u 0 \
    -e LICENSE=accept \
    “$ENTITLED_REGISTRY/cp/icpa/icpa-installer:4.0.0” cp -r data/* /data

  4. Update NFS folder permission

    1. Goto OCP cluster webconsole


    2. Goto NFS PV. If not there create a new PV with NFS.


    3. Find the value of the nfs.path attribute. It could be like this.

    path: /data/nfs1


    4. Login to the infra node of your cluster with ssh.

    ssh -v root@<<IPADDRESS>>


    5. Run the below command to upgrade the rights to the nfs folder.

     chmod -R 777 /data/nfs1


    6. Exit from the infra node by executing the below command


  5. Login to OCP cluster

    Login to your OCP cluster using the below command. You need to subsitute the value for <your_cluster_hostname>. <username> and <password>

    oc login https://<your_cluster_hostname> -u <username> -p <password>

  6. Run the installer

    Run the installer using the below command.


    docker run -v ~/.kube:/root/.kube:z -u 0 -t \
    -v $PWD/data:/installer/data:z \
    -e LICENSE=accept \
    “$ENTITLED_REGISTRY/cp/icpa/icpa-installer:4.0.0” install


    It may take more than 20 minutes time to complete the installation. At the end of the installation you will get the necessary URLs to access Kabanero, TA and Tekton.

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