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Hardware Requirements
  • MultiConnect Conduit
  • MultiTech mDot


  1. Prepare

    Get your device ready

    • Get the latest CoreCDP image that supports building Node.js and Node-RED image from the: MultiTech Developer Site.
    • From a Linux host computer, install the software, set up the environment and build the Node.js image files for the Conduit hardware.
    • Run SSH on your computer and log in to the Conduit:ssh root@
    • Update the firmware on the Conduit with the new Node.js/Node-RED supported build.
  2. Connect (Quickstart)

    IBM Watson IoT Platform Quickstart connection

    • From your computer browse to:
    • Open the WAN section. Configure the APN and activate the cellular device based on inputs from your carrier.
    • From the UI, click on Node-RED to open a separate window. The Node-RED UI displays the details for the device at:
    • Create a flow connecting your serial device or mDot data to an MQTT node that is configured for IBM Watson IoT Platform. Alternately, you can download sample flows from the developer site.
    • The MAC address for the conduit is already pre-configured from the factory. Go to the dashboard and make a not of it.
  3. Visualize

    To view the data, simply visit Quickstart and type in the MAC address of your chosen device.

  4. Register your Device In Watson IoT Platform

    To explore and make use of full capabilities of Watson IoT Platform, we need to setup and register your device(s) in it. This section shows how you can setup the same.

    Carry out the steps present in this recipe to register your device(s) in IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform.

    At this step, we have successfully created the Watson IoT service and registered your device(s) in it.

  5. Connect (Registered)

    IBM Watson IoT Platform Registered connection

    • Once you have access to an IBM Watson IoT Platform organization through Bluemix or the Marketplace, you can click to ‘Add a new device’ on the IoT organization dashboard.
    • During the device registration process you will get file configuration information containing the following details, copy these when you get them.
    • Organization ID
      • Device Type ID
      • Device ID
      • Authentication Method
      • Authentication Token
    • Use the device registration information to configure the node in your flow that connects to the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
    • Deploy your configuration updates within Node-RED.
  6. Command Support

    • Now the MultiConnect Conduit sample is running and supports receiving of commands from Watson IoT.
    • The LED on your device blinks at a fixed rate in response to commands sent from the Watson IoT.
    • You can write an application which sends the following payload:

    to the topic:

    • The numeric value represents the rate that the LED blinks per second. A value of zero (0) will stop the LED from blinking.

Expected Outcome

In a few minutes this tutorial will help you connect your device to Quicktart in IBM's Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation and show you real-time data from your device. It'll then let you register your device ready to write your first application.



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