Skill Level: Beginner

Basic knowledge to access the web-based configuration of an HELLA Aglaia APS.

The APS is a high-precision people sensing device which generates people counts as well occupancy, dwell time and wireless logging information. This data alone provides retailers and others with valuable insights into their customers’ behavior.


  • Organization account at IBM Watson IoT platform
  • HELLA Aglaia Advanced People Sensor (APS) with at least firmware 1.14 or higher (1.19.1 is up to date)
  • Internet access to connect HELLA Aglaia APS with IBM Watson IoT platform
  • PC or tablet or smartphone to configure the HELLA Aglaia APS.


  1. Preparation, Organization ID

    Your account at https://internetofthings.ibmcloud.com/ should have an “Organization ID” at “Settings” , “Identity”, “Organization ID”. This ID will be needed to authenticate a device to your account at the IBM Watson IoT Platform. It could be used to distinguish between different customers or projects.


  2. Preparation, API Key and Token

    To get a secure API Key and Token, you will need to go to https://internetofthings.ibmcloud.com/ into “Apps” and click on the top right to “Generate API Key” . Add a Description and then choose the role “Standard Application” and finalize it by click on “Generate Key” . The generated token will only be visible once, so please note the “API Key” and “Authentication Token” , before you “Close” the view.

    This key and the token will be needed for authentication of HELLA Aglaia APS devices at the IBM Watson IoT Platform to your account.



  3. Setup the APS to Watson IoT platfom connection

    Connect to the web browser setup of the HELLA Aglaia APS with your PC. Go to the “Network Communication Settings” and enable “Use Watson IOT”. Then the device sends available data to the IBM Watson IoT Platform server:

    • To add the sensor to an IBM Watson IoT Platform account, enter the “Watson Organization ID” .
    • To add the sensor to a group of sensors at the IBM Watson IoT Platform account, enter the “Watson API Key” and “Watson API Token” .
    • To send accumulated counting data in these time frames, set the “Counting Data Interval”.
    • To save all the settings in the device, click the “Save” button.
    • To go back to the last saved settings, click the “Reset” button.


    While saving your setup, the HELLA Aglaia APS will connect to the IBM Watson IoT platform and display a corresponding status message “Connecting to Watson REST API” below the “Save” button, followed by a “Connection successful” message once the connection has been established.

    (If this fails, please check the connection of the sensor to the Internet, check if IP ports 443 and 8883 TCP are open to the Internet and not blocked by firewalls and please make sure the sensor settings contain the correct access IDs and token.)



  4. APS device status inside the IBM Watson IoT platform

    The Hella Aglaia APS at least send its status.

    Because of the complex and extensive data a HELLA Aglaia APS could provide beyond multiple simple counting line data, it is splitted into multiple logical devices. The sensor itself is a “gateway” using type “APS-RS”. Data providers like counting line data are “devices” at this gateway.


  5. Counting line data

    This includes accumulated data of one counting line of the sensor. It is located at the sensor “device” entry of the counting line. Every counting line acts as a separate device inside the IBM Watson IoT platform.

    The unique ID of this counting line device is generated by the name of the counting line in combination with the hostname of the device.

    It will be sent at the “Counting Data Interval” defined in the “Network Communication Settings” setup, for example every 5 minutes.


  6. more data

    In addition to the feature of counting people passing lines, more data is available depending on the licenses installed at the HELLA Aglaia APS, such as:

    • Counting –
      every single counting event with time stamp and tracking id
    • Zone monitoring –
      to detect and count people within a zone, including dwell times, and send alerts if a certain amount of people or maximum dwell time was detected. Or to send a list or at every event of enter or leaving detailed data with tracking id.
    • Wireless services –
      including tracking of wireless devices (WiFi and Bluetooth)


    Service requests regarding the HELLA Aglaia APS can be sent to the following e-mail address:

    Visit our website for more information on our product range: https://people-sensing.com/retail/.



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