Skill Level: Beginner

Basic knowledge to access the web based configuration of an HELLA Aglaia APS.

The APS is a high precision people sensing device which generates people counts as well occupancy, dwell time and wireless logging information. This data on its own gives retailers and others already valuable insights into their customers behavior.


  • Organization account at IBM Watson IoT platform
  • HELLA Aglaia Advanced People Sensor (APS) with at least firmware 1.14 or higher (1.19.1 is up to date)
  • Internet access to connect HELLA Aglaia APS with IBM Watson IoT platform
  • PC or tablet or smartphone to configure the HELLA Aglaia APS.


  1. video tutorial

    For textual version see:

     Note: this following video does not include any audio.


  2. more information

    Service requests regarding the HELLA APS can be sent to the following e-mail address:

    Visit our website for product range https://people-sensing.com/retail/.



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