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Create an IBM Watson Studio Project to use IBM Watson Machine Learning


IBM Cloud Account


  1. Login to IBM Cloud

  2. Browse to Catalog

    Search for Watson Studio. Watson Studio under AI gets listed.

  3. Click on Watson Studio to create

    Provide the Service Name. Choose a region / location to Deploy In.  Select a resource group. Select the Pricing Plan that works for you. Click on create

  4. Get Started

    The Previous step completes deployment and Watson Studio would be ready for usage. Click on Get Started. This loads user Information.

  5. Create New Project

    Click on New Project – You can select any of the options available. For Ex: select Experiment Assistant -> This automatically provisions the required Watson Machine Learning and Cloud Object Storage Services. 

    If you do not have those services already provisioned, select the region in which you want those services to be provisioned and create the services and have them provisioned. When you do, you can see the service instance names for cloud storage and Watson Machine Learning services.

  6. Name the Project and descripe

    Provide Project Name and Description and then click create.

  7. Look for Associated Services

    Click on project Settings to see the associated services. If you want to add more services, you can add them under Associated Services by clicking on Add Service.

  8. Add Spark Service

    Go to project Settings to see the associated services. Under Associated Services, click on Add Service. Select Spark from the dropdown list. On adding Spark service, you will taken to the provisioning screen. Select the plan that works for you and then click create.

    If you go back to the project and select Settings and scroll down, you would see all associated services in there.

  9. Create Access Token

    All projects need a Access token that is used to access data assets. For ex: Files and Connections. These Access tokens are used by Platform APIs.

    So, in Settings, under Access Tokens, click on New Token. Provide a Name and Select Viewer or Editor as the roles and then click create.

    Now, if you go back to Access Tokens under Settings of your project, you would see the New Token you created.

  10. You are Ready

    Now, you are ready to start using Watson Machine Learning in this Project.

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