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The Objective of this recipe is to explain the following.

Create a springboot application using Appsody
Run the application locally using Appsody
Create Tekton pipeline for the application from Kabanero
Push the application to OCP through Tekton


  • Cloud Pak for Applications installed on Openshift cluster
  • appsody CLI
  • oc CLI
  • git


  1. Contents

    Here are the contents of this topic.

    Add Kabanero Collection to appsody
    Create Appsody Application
    Build and Run the Application locally
    Deploy App in Openshift using Tekton
         1. Create project in Openshift
         2. Create manifest files
         3. Push the source to GIT
         4. Create Webhook in Tekton
         5. Create Docker-Registry Secret in Tekton
         6. Modify and Push the application source code
         7. Verify the Tekton pipeline is running and completed
         8. Verify the application is running


    The detailed steps are given in the below Github url.


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