Skill Level: Intermediate

How to install and configure ITM agents on AIX LPARs: UNIX OS (ux), AIX Premium (px), HMC Base (ph), CEC Base (pk), and VIOS Premium (va).


IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.2, TEMS/TEPS share same Windows Server 2003.

A bunch of IBM Power System servers: a dozen of S822, pair of E870, etc.

VIOSes, LPARs running on them, and HMC operating somewhere.

What we need

To configure preinstalled VIOS agents: CEC Base (pk), and VIOS Premium (va).

To deploy ITM Systemp Agents to LPARs: UNIX OS (ux), AIX Premium (px), and HMC Base (ph).


  1. Download the agents’ distribution set

    It is called ITM_AGT_SYS_P_6.2.2_IF3_AIX_EN.tar.gz.

    While it is pouring onto TEMS disk, we can proceed.

  2. Check settings of HMC

    Use your browser to open Hardware Management Console Workplace at https://<your HMC server>.

    Click ‘HMC Management’ on left pane, in Operations section on right pane, choose Change Performance Monitoring Settings. Turn on Collection switch against servers of interest, or just push All On button, and press OK.

    In Administration section on right pane, choose Remote Command Execution. Make sure it has ‘Enable remote command execution using the ssh facility’ switched on.

  3. Unpack the distribution set

    It contains three folders, as follows: ITM_Systemp_Agents, ITM_Systemp_Application_Support, and REPORTS. Copy them, if not yet, to TEMS.

  4. Install application support

    Run ITM_Systemp_Application_Support\WINDOWS\setup.exe, provided your TEMS runs Windows. Otherwize, run Make sure all components are checked (if TEMS and TEPS share same server, otherwise install the components to appropriate servers).

  5. Configure and start VIOS’ agents

    VIOSes have ITM agents preinstalled: VIOS Premium (va), and CEC Base (pk). To configure and start them on all VIOSes use the following script.



    TEMS=”TEMS Server name or IP”

    HMC=”HMC Server name or IP”





    > $OUT

    while read vios cec ; do

      echo $vios $cec

      ssh -n $VIOS_LOGIN@$vios \

    “ioscli stopsvc ITM_premium ;\

     ioscli stopsvc ITM_cec ;\



     ioscli cfgsvc ITM_cec -key ;\

     ioscli startsvc ITM_premium ;\

     ioscli startsvc ITM_cec” | tee -a $OUT

    done < vios.lst


    grep ssh-rsa $OUT | \

    while read v1 v2 v3 ; do

      mk=”$mk mkauthkeys -a \”$v1 $v2 $v3\” ; “



    ssh $HMC_LOGIN@$HMC “$mk”

    The script reads vios.lst file which is implied to have the following format:

    <IP or hostname of VIOS> <servername, as listed by `vtmenu` command at HMC>

    It doesn’t matter where to run this script.

    In a few minutes you must see VIOS nodes under UNIX Systems folder in TEP, each with CEC Base, and VIOS Premium agents.

  6. Populate TEMS depository with agent ‘bundles’

    Log on to the TEMS:

    TEMS> tacmd login -s <TEMS Server> -u sysadmin -p “<password>”

    Add agents to the local depot:

    TEMS> tacmd addBundles -i <path to>\ITM_Systemp_Agents\unix -t px jr ph

    Check which agents the deployment depot contains:

    TEMS> tacmd viewDepot

    If you cannot spot ‘Monitoring Agent for UNIX OS’ in the list you got, you have to add it to the depot too. Download and unpack ITM OS agents, then add UNIX OS agent to the depot:

    TEMS> tacmd addBundles -i <path to>\unix -t ux -p aix523 aix526

  7. Deploy the agents to target LPARs

    Create AIX_Deploy.csv file for deploy group having the following format:

    <LPAR hostname or IP>,DEPLOY,,

    Create the deploy group:

    TEMS> tacmd createGroup -g AIX_Deploy -t DEPLOY

    TEMS> tacmd addGroupMember -g AIX_Deploy -x AIX_Deploy.csv

    Create AIX_Bundle.csv file for bundle group with the following content:

    Unix_OS,BUNDLE,-y ux,KDYRXA.RXAprotocol=ssh KDYRXA.RXAport=22

    AIX_Premium,BUNDLE,-y px,

    Create the bundle group:

    TEMS> tacmd createGroup -g AIX_Bundle -t BUNDLE

    TEMS> tacmd addGroupMember -g AIX_Bundle -x AIX_Bundle.csv

    Run the deployment process, assuming all the nodes share the same password:

    TEMS> tacmd createNode -g AIX_Deploy -b AIX_Bundle -u root -w <password>

  8. Install and configure HMC Base Agent

    Choose AIX system where to install the HMC Base Agent. Spot the desired system in the following list:

    TEMS> tacmd listSystems -t ux

    Substitute the name above into the following command:

    TEMS> tacmd addSystem -n <AIX system>:kux -t ph ^

     -p INSTANCE=<agent instance, maybe HMC server name, up to 8 characters> ^

     “HMC Information”.HMC_HOSTNAME=<name or IP> ^

     “HMC Information”.HMC_USERNAME=hscroot

    Check that the installation succeeded:

    TEMS> tacmd getDeployStatus

    Login to the system with newly installed HMC Base Agent and run the following script by root:

    # /opt/IBM/ITM/aix526/ph/bin/


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