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The added protection alongside the efficiency can make quite a big difference to performance, and is likely to help really improve your profit margins.


For many, Google AdWords is one of the most powerful, pertinent and profitable marketing programs around. With the capability to augment and improve your campaigns, it plays an essential role in transforming how your business operates. When used correctly, AdWords can help to generate massive profit margins in the long-term. However, managing AdWords is something many business owners just leave to their marketing manager; it’s simply got too much to it for some.

If you feel like this, and you want to make AdWords more manageable, solutions exist. You could, as mentioned above, hire a service provider to manage your campaigns for you. If you still want to keep some kind of control, though, tools such as Tea Software’ new management solution is just what you need. Clickfraud Analytics is a very powerful tool that allows for simple, stress-free management of your AdWords campaigns. It looks to help automate bids and to keep you well within budget, all while seeing impressive and consistent results.


  1. Click Fraud Analysis

    Another key aspect of the software is that it helps to provide engagement fraud protection and click fraud protection. Many times, AdWords campaigns can be wholly ineffective due to these fraud schemes. Scammers force click your link many times, forcing you to pay per click and see a massive drop-off in advertising performance. Aside from costing you money for no return, it’s a damaging process that can leave you feeling like your use of AdWords has much to be desired.

    With this solution, you can make sure you are able to keep total control of your AdWords campaigns. Promising ‘results in 30 days guaranteed or money back,’ the campaign management tool uses smart AI algorithmic planning to help make bidding more reliable, balanced and likely to return profits.

  2. Do I Need Automation AdWords Management?

    You don’t need it, no. With the added ease of use and advertisement planning alongside the protection from fraud, though, it’s hardly a luxury purchase. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a way to make your return on investment (ROI) into Google AdWords easier than it si when using this solution.

    Another impressive feature, though, is the fact that the tool collates and collects all clicks that would be considered a form of clickfraud. This is so important, as one per quarter they get in touch with Google on your behalf and try to petition for a clickfraud refund as per policy.

    So, it can not only help to make campaigns more efficient but also much more likely to give you a chance to make some money back that was lost. If you run Google AdWords campaigns and find them too stressful or challenging to manage, you should look to use a tool like this.

    The added protection alongside the efficiency can make quite a big difference to performance, and is likely to help really improve your profit margins. So, if you use AdWords, maximize its potential for your business with the help of a protective solution like Tea Software’ latest release.

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  2. Amir Najam Sethi December 20, 2017

    it is true that, it is improve profit margine. but AdWords is costly.

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