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Cloud Computing is going to change the way how business organisations have been running their operations so far. So, buckle up.


Cloud Computing finally has come of age. People no longer make a poker face when someone tries to explain what Cloud Computing is and why businesses must embrace it. The tremendous development in the field of technology and a flurry of acquisitions have enabled Cloud Computing service providers to bring down the rates so that business organizations across all sizes and shapes can afford it. What was once touted as a solution for the rich and powerful, has now become accessible to all. Cloud Computing is no doubt changing the very idea of running a business and which is why most organizations are rethinking their strategies and trying to find a way to integrate Cloud Computing within this existing business set up. These are baby steps for sure but these are definitely the steps in the right direction.

Adoption of Cloud enabled technologies have seen major uptick in last few years and experts are of the opinion that the Could Computing industry is going to witness major changes in the upcoming years.

Here are some ways Cloud Computing can transform the digital landscape and pioneer a digital transform within a company –


  1. More Agencies Will Embrace PaaS (Platform As A Service)

    It is tough for most agencies to decide whether to deploy PaaS only to a cloud provider or do they just settle for the good old cloud neutrality option. But at the end, it all boils down to one thing and that is the exact requirement of the enterprise in question. No matter what approach is considered at the end, the enterprise needs to evaluate the progress of the PaaS development every now and then to ensure that things are in perfect order.

  2. SaaS (Software As A Service) Will Gain Momentum

    By embracing the power ofSaaS, companies will be able to collaborate on different projects on real time. AP Digital Manufacturing Cloud’s multi-customer feature might get rolled back by SAP as the company seems to be working on a more efficient and robust system for those enterprises that have to change suppliers in real time. This is definitely going to be a game changer in every sense of the term in the SAP industry.

  3. Emergence of Private Cloud Based Systems

    A major rejig of Cloud Management could be on the cards as the technologies that govern Cloud Computing are undergoing a massive upgradation. Enterprises across the broad are taking three different routes to make the most of these recent updates. Some agencies are taking the traditional route as they are utilizing their team’s abilities and experience to develop systems powered by OpenStack whereas some other enterprises are opting for a safer option and that is to get the system developed by a third-party agency while using converged software stacks.

  4. Kubernetes and Container Will Transform the Technology

    The adoption of enterprise container has seen major uptick in 2018 and this trend is supposed to continue in 2019 too since companies are doubling down on improving the efficacies of their existing legal apps. To modernize the existing infrastructure of the company, an increasing number of enterprises will start inducting high performance digital apps to revamp the existing structure of the organization without the disrupting the operation. Cloud Computing companies will be spending more money and manpower to upgrade and manage Kubernetes.

  5. Companies Will Spend More Money

    If the rumors are anything to go by, the top 6 Cloud Computing companies (Oracle, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google, Alibaba and Amazon Web Services) will be splurging more on Cloud Computing money to increase their customer base. In the year 2019, the value of the Cloud Computing market is posed to surpass $200 billion worldwide and therefore, it is quite expected that more and more companies will be joining the fray.

    It is no surprise that more than half the money that was spent in the IT industry for research and development purpose had gone into developing and improving Cloud based technologies and this trend is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Some experts are even making bold predictions that the ‘Cloud’ spending will overshadow all other segments by a huge margin the in the year 2019.

  6. More Focus on Security

    Cloud-based technologies are seeing tremendous growth and this is good for the IT industry as a whole but Cloud Computing Companies have finally realized the importance of having a robust security system in place in case things might go horribly wrong. If hackers manage to breach into the Cloud, all the data will get exposed and the entire Cloud Computing thing might come crumbling down as a result. Stringent security protocols should be put in place to avoid catastrophic system failure. Cloud Computing Companies will have to hire more security engineers and have to deploy advanced encryption technologies to make the Cloud a safer place for all.

  7. Quantum Computing

    “Don’t get your hopes up” said Ritesh, the COO of CuddlyNest, “because we are not there yet!”. “Yes, we are very close to developing a fully functional Quantum Computer that will be able to do a lot of exciting things like solving complex problems, helping medical practitioners identify diseases, interact with the Artificial Intelligence, making weather predictions, encrypting data and a lot more” added Ritesh. We are living in exciting times as Cloud technology and Quantum Computers are going to change the world forever.

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