Skill Level: Beginner


It will help to introduce how to run auto discovery by IGC new UI. That is very simple to run auto discovery by this UI.


We can run auto discovery by IGC New UI from IS11702. That needs the installation contains IS and UG.  It is very simple for us to start auto discovery and monitor its progress and check Discovery results.


  1. Some preparations before running auto discovery

    Before running auto discovery,we need to do below preparations.

    We need to config IS Engine credential by Administration Console.¬† From launchapd UI: “<UG_Host>/ibm/iis/lauchpad”, click “Administration Console”,¬† Then login https://<IS_host>:port/ibm/iis/console, click “Domain Management”->”Engine Credentials”> select <your IS_host>->”Open Configuration”, input “dsadm” and its password, then save.




    We need to create a data connection with IADB by IMAM GUI, then specify Analysis Database by IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console.

    From Launchpad UI, click “Metadata Asset Manager” link and login it. From “Import” tab, click “New Import Area” button to create IADB. Input “Import Area Name” and select a Bridge or Connector “IBM InfoSphere DB2 Connector”, then click “Next”.


    From the next page,Click “Select a Data Connection” and click “New Data Connection”, then input data connection name and select database “IADB”, input iauser as User name and input its password, check “Save Password” and click “OK”.


    Then click “Next” and select “Host system name” from list, then click “Next”. Select “Express import” and click “Import” button. Then the data connection will be created successfully.


    Specify Analysis Database by IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console. Login “IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console”, then open the IA project you want to use for auto discovery like “UGDefaultWorkspace”. Then click “OVERVIEW->Project Properties->Analysis Database”, uncheck “Inherit the Global Analysis Database Settings”.¬† From Connection Details: select the Host and the data connection name you created for IADB, then click “Validate”. After the validation is successfully, then click “Save All”.


  2. Run auto discovery by Information Governance Catalog New

    From launchpad UI, click “Information Governance Catalog New” and login.¬†

    We need to create a data connection for auto discovery. Click “Connections”->”Discover assets”->”Create connections”,input the connection info according to your data source, click “Test connection”. After it is successfully, click “Save connection”. If you want to do auto discovery for DB2 tables, please refer to below snapshot.



    Then you can select the data connection for auto discovery like “DB2_AD”. I will select my data connection “LC” and click “Browse” to select “tables” which you want to use for auto discovery. Then select “Discovery options”, if you select “Use data sampling”, auto discovery will only do analysis for these data values you setting; if you don’t select “Use data sampling”, auto discovery will analyze all data values.¬†¬† Select “Host” and “Workspace”, then click “Discover”.¬†¬† Auto discovery will start to do analysis.




    And you can get auto discovery progress after clicking Discover.¬† If you leave this page, you can also monitor its status by “Discovery results”. Click the ID, you can go into the detailed page.


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