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With the increase in online brands and online communities, it has become a tough challenge for the existing as well as new entrants in every niche.


With the increase in online brands and online communities, it has become a tough challenge for existing as well as new entrants in every niche. Experts dive into different strategies that can help them build user-engagement and increase their customer base.

But the big question is “how can you increase the customer engagement on your website/portal? ”Well, here are some ideas that you can easily add or follow and amplify the customer engagement in your community.


  1. Go with Live Chat Feature:

    This trend has been booming in recent years. Live Chat has helped business owners get in touch with their customers in real time and assist them in case of any issues. There are many Live chat API solutions that can be easily integrated with your website, but Slack Live chat is a trending products that offers the most reliable features.

  2. Surprise Your Customers:

    In the era where most of your customers offer versatile products at a competitive price that can easily divert your existing customer onto other websites. But in order to retain your existing customers, you need to offer them unique products with a surprise. With every surprise to your customer, you will not only build trust but will also collect the long-term customers.

  3. Always Ask for Customer Reviews:

    Your customers always expect the selection of products that are best reviews by some previous users. It’s a better option to add the customer review feature on your website that will enable the new customers to consider the genuine views from the returning visitors on your portal. The more you offer customer review; the better will be your customer-engagement on your website.

  4. Build a Discussion Community:

    Building a community for your customers is always a good idea to bring your customers on a single platform and discuss. For this, you can either build a discussion board or a forum where you can allow your customers discuss any sort of issue or get the genuine response from other customers as well as technical support experts from the company. There are many companies which are already running this business format to enhance their engagement.

  5. Deliver “How To” Guides:

    Today, the internet is flooded with a countless piece of content that can help the readers to take right steps while buying any product. Similarly, you can also add-on a Blog section on your website that can deliver the “How To” content to the readers and assisting them to opt for the right product for them. The more appealing and viral content you provide to the readers, the more user-engagement you will experience on your website.

    There are many more ideas that you can invent and apply to your website/online community to amplify the customer-engagement and increase your overall sales count. Here only the top-listed ideas are mentioned. Different business, however, needs a different strategy to increase your business. Hence, begin your research and add the above-given ideas in your bucket list to implement on your website.

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