Skill Level: Beginner

Basic knowledge on IBM Cloud

This article shows how IBM Cloud function trigger invokes an action on a Cloud storage object(COS) upload .


  • IBM Cloud account
  • Image files  (qcow2 and md5 )


  1. Architecture


  2. Implementation

    Image Checkusm Validator source code can be found here: Image-Checksum-Validator code

  3. Deployment

    Detail steps for the deployment can be found here : deployment steps

  4. Testing and Verification

    Steps to test and verify checksum validation result can be found here : Image checksum verification

1 comment on"IBM Cloud Image Checksum Validator"

  1. Malarvizhi_Kandasamy January 31, 2020

    Nice article. It explains clearly how a IBM Cloud Functions works on a IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) action.

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