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  1. Ingredients

    • Maximo Asset Management Server
      • Hardware:
        • Server hosted in a network zone with Internet access
        • 2 GHz processor
        • 60 GB disk space
        • 7 GB RAM
        • OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6
      • Middleware:
        • Maximo Asset Management 7.6
        • WebSphere Application Server
        • DB2 Enterprise
    • Service/Software Requirements
      • An active account on IBM Bluemix (which requires an IBM ID). Bluemix gives users a free trial period.
    • Sample Temperature Application
      • It is a sample application that will represent an asset. It will simulate a sensor on it that will capture its temperature and send the data over to the IBM Watson IoT Platform
  2. Description

    Basically, this recipe creates an application in Bluemix, it uses IBM Watson IoT Platform to collect a virtual asset temperature degree. This virtual asset it is an application that simulates a sensor on it monitoring its temperature. The temperature is sent over to the IoT F, in case it is higher than 40 degree a work order is opened in Maximo Asset Management.

  3. Prepare

    Install Maximo

    First you need a Maximo server to reproduce this recipe. I used the documentation below to install it.

    Create an “Internet of Things” Application in Bluemix

    After logging into the Bluemix Platform:

    1. Go to the section “Catalog”, Starters , “Boilerplates”

    2. Click on “Internet of Things Platform Started”

    3. You will be prompted to the “Internet of things starter”. Set up the name of your new application

    4. Click on “Create” to create the new application

    A message will inform your application is under deploy

    5. As soon your application is running click on the URL provided

    6. Click on the “Go to your Node-RED flow editor”

    7. The below webpage will be displayed, it comes with a node flow to measure the temperature of the Sample Temperature Application

    8. Access the Sample Temperature Application

    9. Copy the MAC address that is located at the right upper corner.

    10. Return to your Node-RED workspace. Double click on the node called “IBM IoT App In” and paste the MAC address over the “device-ID” field.

    11. In the Function menu drag and drop the delay node into the editor flow and configure it according to the picture below: Action as “Limit rate to”, Rate as “1”, msg(s) per as “Minute”, Select : Drop intermediate messages. Click on temp thresh node, second circle, an arrow will be created it, drag it until the delay node.

    I added the delay node only to avoid creating many work orders. In case the temperature is higher than 40 it will open a work order every one minute.

    12. In the Function menu drag and drop http request node into the editor flow and configure it according to the picture below. Method as “Post”, URL it will be configured according to the Maximo hosting environment

    URL: “http://<Maximo_IP:Port/maxrest/rest/os/mxwo?_lid=<user>&_lpwd=<pwd>&action=AddChange&DESCRIPTION=SAMPLE_IOT_MAX&SITEID=BEDFORD”

    The default http port used in Maximo is 9080

    It is a REST object provided in Maximo that allows a work order creation through a http request.

    13. In Output menu drag and drop the debug node into the editor flow, connect the http request with the debug node. It will display the messages from the work order creation.

    14. Finally click on the Deploy button at the upper right corner (which will be red because there are changes to load into the device)

    15. Go into the Maximo Console, look for the work order description. You will notice it does not exist

    16. Go to the device and start making changes like increasing the Temperature. Notice the temperature is displayed in the Debug menu in the right corner.

    The temperature is safe if it is below or equal to 40.

    17. When it is higher than 40, it is a danger temperature and a work order is opened.

  4. Video

    I published a video where I explained step by step how to reproduce this recipe:

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  1. great stuff, thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

  3. KirillDrozdov2 May 23, 2016

    what if my Maximo is behind the VPN? IP2Sec type

  4. Xuzhongke June 14, 2016

    Great! it works. How does Maximo get data from IoT platform? thanks.

  5. CarlosAlbertoGutierrezSaucedo September 13, 2016

    How I can put a Skytap URL (Maximo 7.6)? Thank you!

  6. I-Logix_Disciple January 06, 2017

    Worked perfectly. Thank you.

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