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The TurboIntegrator Debugger is a simple tool which allows users to set breakpoints and step through TurboIntegrator processes to identify possible issues or errors in your scripts. The TI Debugger is available for Planning Analytics Local.


  • TM1 server for Planning Analytics Local


  1. Download the zip file

    You can get the zip file containing the TI Debugger here.

  2. Configure TM1 server

    Edit the tm1s.cfg file

    • Enable ODATA on the TM1 Server (i.e. HTTPPortNumber=8000)
    • Enable TI Debugging (EnableTIDebugging=True)
  3. Unzip file and run the debugger

    Run the TurboDebugger.bat file to use the default SSL certificates. If you are using your own certificates, you will need to edit the .bat file to use the appropriate ones.  After running the TurboDebugger.bat file, the TI Debugger will automatically start.


26 comments on"IBM TM1 TurboIntegrator Debugger"

  1. Could you explain in more detail where we can put breakpoints?! I started both Architect and Performace Modeler but i’m not able to use this capability. Thanks in advance. Regards.

    • You can only use the breakpoint capabilities within the TI Debugger application. You will not be able to see the breakpoints in Architect or Performance Modeler.

  2. Thanks a lot for your answer.

  3. LarsDelberg January 12, 2017

    I can’t log in successfully. I’ve added the parameters to the tm1s.cfg file, and try to log in with the credentials. I click on Login but nothing happens. Could you give me a hint how to get this work? Thanks and best regards.

  4. I have configured the tm1s.cfg file with the parameter. However when I open the tm1 debugger.bat file . Once I provide the url the CAM namespace is greyed out. We are using Integrated security mode = 5. I also restarted the tm1 instance but CAM namespace is still grayed out.

    Can you please help with this . thanks in advance

    • Brian Laferriere February 08, 2017

      There’s an updated version uploaded that fixes this issue. In the meantime you can use a workaround of pressing the “login” button with no username and password and the CAM detection should refresh then.

  5. I have configured the tm1s.cfg with the necessary parameters, however i am no able to login. I had given admin userid and password along with the TM1 server HTTP URL. After i click on Login, nothing happening. There is no error and its not logging in. Can someone help.

  6. Hello,

    In the past on a different laptop (Win 7) the version 3 of the TI debugger worked fine.
    Now on a new laptop with Win 10 it does not work anymore.
    Error message is:

    error: unable to access jarfile TurboDebugger.jar

    What can I try to solve it please ?

    • Update: I solved it, the last version (6) works fine.
      But only if I open the jar file. By executing the bat file, I get the error message above.

  7. Does anyone know of a manual for the TI debugger, or something that simply explains what each function does?

  8. Could you please implement conditional breakpoints? It would be great to use a simple condition on a variable value, e.g. break only if (pValue = 2). Thank you!

    • Brian Laferriere October 19, 2017

      They are implemented. If you right click on an existing breakpoint and select the edit option you will see a condition field. The syntax is not well defined but it should allow variable name lookups and all the same condition operators as TI.

  9. I get the error “Unable to initiate process debugging” do you know what could be the problem? I’m running TM1 10.2.2 fp6. Windows 7 Professional.


  10. Can this be used (or ever be available) for cloud version of PA?
    I notice that the current ingredient is Local.

    • Brian Laferriere October 19, 2017

      You should be able to use the tool as-is with the cloud version of PA. You may need to create and use automation account credentials though.

  11. Is the Turbo Integrator Debugger working when the TM1 server uses Integrated Security Mode = 2?

    • Brian Laferriere October 19, 2017

      When IntegratedSecurityMode = 2, the debugger will be attempting to use SSO sign on. Because Windows and Java don’t nicely share Kerberos tokens by default, you’ll need to update the Windows registry to enable the JVM to retrieve the necessary token.

      To enable the export of non empty Session keys add the following registry setting on Vista, 7 and Server:

      Value Name: AllowTgtSessionKey
      Value Type: REG_DWORD
      Value: 0x01 ( default is 0 )

  12. Hi,

    Firstly this is a fantastic tool. I am having a problem last few lines of code are not being displayed, on tabs. This has been raised on the TM1 Forum by a number of users with a screenshot to explain http://www.tm1forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13490 . For me the problem is not consistent, ie different TI scripts of different lengths are not being displayed. Is there a fix.



  13. Is there a way to use the Turbointegrator-Debugger with IntegratedSecurityMode 3 ?

    I already added the registry key AllowTgtSessionKey in hopes this would work but it didn’t.
    I did not restart the Server though. Could that be the Problem or does that setting only word for mode 2 ?

  14. Is there a documentation or a document on how this Debugger works and what you can du with it?

  15. Hi,

    The link to download the debugger software does not work as there is a redirect override. Is there another way to access the debugger tool?



  16. matteolorini@synovus.com March 12, 2020

    The link to download TurboIntegrator Debugger does not work. Can someone indicate the correct link?


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