Skill Level: Intermediate

In this recipe I'll detail the steps required to integrate IBM Cloud's Voice Agent with Watson experimental service with Twilio. This recipe is accompanied by a video that includes all instructions required to complete.


You'll need access to the following if you're to complete this receipe;

  • IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix) account
  • Twilio trial account

Note: your IBM Cloud account will require access to the Experimental Services catalog, as such this account should be either a Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Subscription account.


  1. Integrate IBM Cloud's Voice Agent with Twilio

    At the time of writing, IBM’s Voice Agent with Watson service is delivered as an experimental service on IBM Cloud. As such, there’s no support for this service and the way in which it’s used may change without notice.

    Follow the steps outlined in the video below to build a cognitive voice agent on IBM Cloud:

    That’s all there is to it :) No code, just config. Build out your Watson Conversartion dialogue to create your own, domain specific voice agent.

    Would love to hear your feedback.

3 comments on"IBM's Voice Agent with Watson and Twilio"

  1. Sumit Bhavra November 27, 2017

    Hi, I am working on voice agent solution by IBM. I need to understand how can I connect it to database to do verification example policy number. When I created voice agent service it bind it-self with other services like speech to text, text to speech, conversation. Now how can I create a layer in between to get the intent and invoke outside API or connect to database. Is there any way to connect and get data from other api with conversation dialogs. it would be great if some one can guide. I want voice agent to connect to other api to retrieve insurance values and so-forth. Please advise. Thanks S

  2. Sometimes users choose not to continue a chat and rather talk to a person, if the nature of the dialog is cumbersome or questions of the chatbot difficult to answer, for example. This recipe can be used to hand-over to a human if needed https://github.com/gitjps/chatbot_phone_handover

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