Skill Level: Advanced

IIS Insights, Analytical thinking for Data Processing

This topic covers, how to make use of available IBM IIS Tools to achieve the Bulk CRUD operations in IGC (Data Governance)

Solutions & Concepts framed by Tata Consultancy Services - Alliance & Technology unit Team, for various clients.


  • Intermediate Knowledge in Information Governance Catalog (IGC) & Meta data Asset Manager (IMAM)
  • Basic Knowledge in OPEN IGC
  • Understanding of Rest full / SOAP services (Real time integration)
  • Intermediate JSON Structures & Notations (Messages are invoked with JSON format over Https protocol)
  • Basic of SSL Connections
  • Expertise in IBM Data Stage (Real time nodes - Hierarchical Stage)


  1. Problem Statement

    Business / Technical Users need to perform CRUD ( Create ,Read, Update and Delete) operations on the governance assets in Information Governance Catalog.

  2. Recommended Solution

    The above request can be achieved by simply browsing & editing the governance assets in IGC,
    will term this implementation as “Manual Manipulation”. (Approach 1)

    In case the users need to process (CRUD operations) Bulk glossary assets, then “Bulk Manipulation”
    can be used to achieve the required. (Approach 2)

  3. Manual Work flow


  4. Bulk Work flow


  5. Comparison Graph - CRUD vs Time


  6. Sample Use Case

    • Lets update the multiple “IGC Terms” short and long description, stewards, labels & custom attributes in single shot.
    • 5 IGC Terms will be updated with above properties in our example (more properties can be updated depends on the user needs)
    • This example is applicable for all governance assets including database tables, views, governance rules, policies, ETL designs, applications etc.
    • This use case is demonstrated in TCS environment, IBM IIS Application version 11.7 (Knowledge Acquisition)
  7. Create Information Governance Catalog Terms


  8. Users(Layman) Input


  9. Generate Asset Id’s



  10. System Input





  11. System Input -> JSON Format



  12. Data stage Job : Convert_CSV_to_JSON


  13. Overview : Open IGC


  14. Data Stage Job : IGC_Rest_Call








  15. Validate Results in IGC


  16. Audit : IGC_Rest_Call Job



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