Skill Level: Intermediate

Requires prior experience with BPM

This recipe details the process of adding a new self-service offering to the ICO catalog, and the requirements a BPD and Human service must contain in order to be recognized.


  • An active instance of ICO with permissions to create new offerings
  • An active BPM instance with permissions to create and edit BPDs in process designer
  • The default ICO toolkits imported into the BPD you wish to integrate with
  • examples shown use versions of ICO and 8.5.6 of BPM, other versions may vary




  1. Verify you have the correct ICO toolkits imported into BPM process designer

    At the minimum make sure you have a current version of the SCOrchestrator_Toolkit, which should have been included with the installation of both BPM and ICO



  2. Go into the heritage human service you wish to expose as the initial interface or dashboard, and add the input parameter operationContextId (String)

    The name must exactly match and is case sensitive


  3. Regardless of how the rest of your Human Service functions, the last step before the end must be the ReturnParameters system service from the SCOrchestrator Toolkit

    If you are creating a dashboard and have no need to end the process this step can be skipped. Otherwise this piece is required to pass data to the BPD.

    The data mappings will include the initial operationContextId and whichever business object output parameter you choose to provide. The rest can be left as default. The output parameter should match what you use in the related BPD (step 5).





  4. Set permissions to allow accessibility from ICO

    Navagate to the overview screen for the Human Service. Be sure to expose the Human Service as a URL and set permissions in such a way that it can be accessed remotely. A basic example is shown below:




    At this point the Human Service is ready for integration with ICO. Before we get to that step though let’s create a stub BPD which is required as a minimum by ICO.¬†

  5. After either creating a new BPD or using an existing one, add an operationContext input parameter



    (optional) If you would like to recover the output parameter from the human service, ¬†add an input parameter to the BPD of the same type¬†used in step 3. Be aware that this parameter will be undefined when the BPD starts. To recover the data from the human service add the system service “GetInputParameter” from the SCOrchestrator Toolkit.






  6. In the overview tab, set permissions on the BPD to be visible to ICO



    At this point the BPM portion of the integration should be complete, now its time to add it to ICO

  7. Create a new self-service catalog offering in ICO

    (if you don’t see the configuration tab below, you may not have enough permissions)




  8. Fill in the details of the offering.

    After selecting your BPM application from the first dropdown, your Business Process Definition and Human Service should selectable from the dropdowns below it.




    (If the human service dropdown is empty for any reason, you may need to try to refresh the page and add the offering again. In my experience, the list has problems updating when the server is slow)

  9. Press Create to finalize the offering

    It should now be available in the self service catalog, in the category folder specified in step 8

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