Skill Level: Intermediate

This receipe demonstrates a single page app, using a backend, both residing in individual containers in IBM Kubernetes Service, with an ingress to control incoming requests, and protected by AppID transparently.


As prerequisites it is assumed that you have set up:

  • IBM Cloud Account (PAYG or subscription, but not Lite)
  • IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS) Cluster (Standard, not Lite) The reason is, that we want to use an ingress, which is only usable with an IKS standard cluster.
  • IBM Cloud Container Registry
  • IBM Cloud CLI

When following the receipe, you will add

  • Container images for the backend and frontend, that will be deployed to the K8s cluster
  • an ingress definition, also to be deployed to the cluster
  • an AppID service instance in the IBM Cloud, configured to integrate with Kubernetes


  1. Follow these steps described on github



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