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Recipes to enhance Analytics in IBM Watson IoT Platform


  1. Recipes to enhance Analytics in IBM Watson IoT Platform

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    Developers, Data scientist

    This recipe provides a referral link to technical article on How to use Business Rules Service with Watson IoT Platform to builde smarter sensors.

    Integrate Business Rules Service with Watson IoT Platform
    Developers, Architects, Data scientist

    This recipe shows how you can integrate IBM¬ģ Predictive Maintenance and Quality with Watson IoT Platform to receive data from remote sources. Analyze the data in realtime, create work orders in Maximo and send recommendation back to Watson IoT Platform.¬†With this integrated solution, you can:

    • Predict the failure of a monitored asset in order to fix it and avoid costly downtime.
    • Search stored maintenance logs to determine the best repair procedures and cycles.
    • Identify the root causes of asset failure to take corrective actions.
    Integrate PMQ with Watson IoT
    Developers, Architects, Data scientist IBM‚ÄĚs Watson IoT Platform Analytics provides an integrated cloud-and-edge analytics programming model that allows control and optimization over the data flowing between edge devices and the Cloud. A common interface allows you to create a rule to send only the critical data to the cloud for further analysis by filtering data at the Edge. That same interface allows Cloud-based rules to be created to perform analysis on the data received in the Cloud and perform actions when specific conditions in the data are met.

    Getting started with Edge Analytics in Watson IoT Platform

    Handling Alerts and Device Actions with Edge Analytics in IBM Watson IoT Platform

     Architects IBM Watson IoT Platform Cloud Analytics enables you to perform analytics on real-time data from your IoT devices to gain insights about their health and the overall state of your operations. With Watson IoT Platform Cloud Analytics, you can apply rules to the realtime streaming data and identify conditions that need attention. In these set of recipes, you will learn the navigation of the interface to define rules, trigger actions on alerts and dashboard for visualization. List of Watson IoT Platform Cloud Analytics recipes
    Developers, Architects, Data scientist Apache Spark Streaming is an extension of the core Spark API that enables scalable, high-throughput, fault-tolerant stream processing of live data streams. In this recipe you will learn how to configure Apache Spark Streaming service running in Bluemix to receive data from IBM Watson IoT Platform and process IoT devices data in real-time. Spark Streaming + Watson IoT Platform Integration
    Developers, Architects, InfoSphere streaming modellers The IBM Streaming Analytics service (powered by IBM InfoSphere Streams) provides a powerful set of analytics capabilities and 100+ algorithms and models that one can use to extend the simpler rules and analytics in the Watson IoT Platform Cloud Analytics. With Streaming Analytics service, you can develop and deploy InfoSphere models that works for your IoT cloud solutions. In the recipe you can learn the use of in built operators that aggregate events and detect anomalous behaviors. Integrate IBM Streaming Analytics Service with Watson IoT Platform
    Developers, Architects, SPSS modellers Built on IBM’s proven SPSS analytics platform, IBM Predictive Analytics allows you to develop applications that make smarter decisions, solve tough problems, and improve user outcomes. In this recipe, we introduce integration of the IBM Watson IoT platform with a model that identifies anomalous behavior of things (uni-variate timeseries analysis). Engage Machine Learning for detecting anomalous behaviors of things
     Data scientist The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. In this recipe you will learn ways to explore historical events captured on the IBM Watson IoT Platform. We show you possible ways of aggregating and visualizing IoT events for new insights. Timeseries Data Analysis of IoT events by using Jupyter Notebook
    Data scientist

    You have historical IoT timeseries data for a device and want to identify abnormal events. From the abnormal events that you identify, derive threshold values that you can use to create rules in IBM Watson IoT Platform. With these rules you can get alerted when your IoT device sends an abnormal reading in the future.

    The IBM Data Science Experience(DSX) is an environment that has everything a data scientist needs to be successful. It provides an interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate their insights

    Use IBM Data Science Experience to detect time series anomalies
    Developers, Architects, Data scientist IBM¬ģ Message Hub for Bluemix¬ģ is a scalable, distributed, high throughput message bus that is built on Apache Kafka to wire microservices together by using open protocols. In this recipe you will learn how to stream the live event data from the IBM Watson IoT Platform to the IBM Message Hub. And then use the power of Apache Spark alongside IBM Message Hub(Kafka) to build high performance scalable streaming analytics solutions. Integrating Watson IoT Platform with Message Hub and Apache Spark


  2. Cognitive IoT recipes

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    Developers, Architects

    Use Watson Virtual Recognition Service and Watson IoT Platform to maintain elevator floor cleanliness.

    Elevator Floor Maintenance using Cognitive Service
    LOB, Architects

    This tutorial will help you to integrate social media feeds to Watson IoT Platform and perform sentiment analysis on the tweeted content.

    Social media integration with IoT Watson platform
    Developers, Architects

    Use a PianoHAT as an input and display device (along with a speaker) to interact with Watson Voice APIs, Weather APIs, Twitter and SMS.

    Command / Response IoT with Raspberry Pi and PianoHAT
    Developers, Architects

    A sensor or device sends events to the Watson IoT platform. The events are fed into the analytics engine to gain insights. There arises a need to communicate an important insight as an alert to the end human user. A text alert is not read unless the human recipient looks at the screen. Many a time, the recipient is not able to look at the screen to read the message as the attention of the recipient is directed at other tasks.

    We can use the cognitive capabilities on the Bluemix platform to generate audio alerts. In the case of audio alerts, the text is read out to the recipient as soon as an alert is received. There is no delay in getting the message as the recipient does not need to look at the screen to read the text.

    Voice alerts in Watson IoT Platform
    Developers, Architects

    IBM Watson has a set of rich services, Watson Speech To Text, Language Translation, Text To Speech, Conversation service, Visual Recognization, Watson IoT Platform and many more that allows one to create a cognitive applications.

    This recipe extends the conversation Car-Dashboard demo app to add a physical IoT device, such as a particle photon/InternetButton, or PI such as a blinker. The blinker can be controlled via voice from the app as well as sending messages back to Watson when manually interacted with.

    Connecting IoT devices to the Watson Conversation Car-Dashboard app
    Developers, Architects

    IBM Watson has a set of rich services, Watson Speech To Text, Language Translation, Text To Speech, Dialog service, Watson IoT Platform and many more that allows one to create a cognitive applications.

    In this tutorial we will show how to integrate Watson IoT Platform with Cognitive features of Watson Dialog service to pull the IoT data dynamically from the dialog conversation.

    Watson Building Concierge
     Developers, Architects IBM Watson has a set of rich services, Watson Speech To Text, Language Translation, Text To Speech and Watson IoT Platform are the Bluemix services, whose capabilities are leveraged in this recipe, to demonstrate how the voice spoken in one language gets translated to another language, as the audio is streamed continuously. Translated Echo РLeverage Watson IoTP to Stream & translate voice
    Developers, Architects This tutorial will help you to connect your Sphero-BB8 robot to Watson IoT Platform and control it through voice commands. For example, change the color of the BB8 to Red, Blue or Green. Also, instruct the BB8 to run around or Spin for a specified time. Control Sphero-BB8 by Voice through IBM Watson IoT Platform

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