Skill Level: Beginner

Prepare your Spring Cloud Task for deployment on Cloud Foundry


Fameliarize yourself with the Develop a Spring Cloud Task using Eclipse receipe which shows how to create a Spring Cloud Task.


  1. Create a manifest.yml file

    Go to the directory of your Spring Cloud Task project and craete a manifest.yml file like this one using your preferred text editor. Here I just used a single command to create the file.



    Note the difference in parameters for a task from web applications. The “instances” is set to zero so that the task does not contiounsly run after it finishes. You will control that from Cloud Foundry command line where you can run it as a task. Also, the “health-check-type” must be set to “process”. Otherwise, Cloud Foundry command will timeout waiting for the application to come up as a web route by deafault. Then, set “no-route” to “ture” because the task will not have a URL.

  2. Deploy to a Cloud Foundry server

    You have two options to choose from:

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