Skill Level: Intermediate

Intermediate skill are required to identify and differentiate which reporting option to use

This article focuses on providing an overview of when to choose which type of chart while developing Cognos dashboard or active reports.


  1. About Visualization Charts

    This article referes visualization charts refers to the charts that are available / created out Cognos BI analytics tool. These charts are highly informative and sophisticated in representation of the data. Often the important aspects that every business or individual look for is to what are the best ways a message can be put across using the visualization to quickly draw attention to key messages of the data representation that is being made. It is also looked as what are different possible / surprising patterns and observation can be made visible using the data.

    In IBM Cognos analytics is one of the visualization / representation tool that is sold to customer.

  2. About RAVE (Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine) Charts

    RAVE stands for Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine. It is a system for the general visualization of all forms of data and is intended to provide a tool that can be used for the overwhelming majority of visualization needs across all business and research needs. Basic architecture has been validated and the underlying approach (The “Grammar of Graphics”) has been deployed to millions of unique customers in 150+ countries for over a decade. RAVE is a continuation of this approach and can be thought of as a new modern version built on the same concepts, but engineered with modern tools using the experience gained to make it significantly better, and applicable to a wider domain of problems.

  3. About Open Source charts

    There are many plugins charts available that can help developers / individuals / organizations to create interactive dataviz for the developed web page. But which ones really deliver value?

    This article is written based on the experience as to under which circumstances each of these reporting tool is best suited for. These charts do a great job of creating charts in specific areas. Especially in JavaScript, there are a large number of chart systems that can create a number of different types of charts. Often they provide a subset of basic charts and then a few “featured charts”. This is great so long as these charts meet different criteria of the projects. Another feature of existing charting systems is that they are rarely cross-environment. Without automatic translation of the code base, it is very hard to have a visualization library that works identically in different environments.

  4. When to use what

    Below table is created purely based on the observation or experience faced during the development of different charts using different tools. Users are requested to make final decision based on the requirement of each projects.



  5. Conclusion

    Developers / Users are finally advised to informative decision upon the need of the respective projects as to how the solutions can be scalable as well.

    for RAVE related, additional information can be obtained at http://vottrave.ottawa.ibm.com/rave2/index.html

    Open source related, to get it from respective web sites or github, etc

    For any further information, i can be reached on ssnarasi@in.ibm.com

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