Skill Level: Intermediate

Requires a RediGate MQTT Gateway, visit http://partner.elecsyscorp.com/buy to get yours today

The RediGate family of cellular edge gateways allow users to connect data 60+ industrial protocols to IBM Watson IoT. With 15+ years of experience and 1000+ deployments in the field, the RediGate is a proven solution for the Industrial Internet of Things.


  1. A RediGate 100 or 400 series device with internet connectivity (visit http://partner.elecsyscorp.com/buy for purchasing options)
  2. Completion of the Getting Started Guide for your respective RediGate device (RediGate 100 Series or RediGate 400 Series)
  3. Ability to ping the Internet (using DNS, so an address like ibm.com) from your RediGate
  4. For reading/writing more than simulated data, you will need a field device that talks one of our 60+ supported industrial protocols


  1. Visit our documentation site for the latest step-by-step guide

    We are constantly¬†updating our “How To” guides with new features (such as Store-and-Forward, SecureGateway, etc.) and examples (Modbus, EtherNet/IP etc.).

    Visit http://idg-docs.elecsyscorp.com/display/IDG/RediGate+to+IBM+Watson+IoT for the most up-to-date example.

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