Skill Level: Beginner

By using Restify, IBM BPM, and NodeJS we will build a way of accepting mapped parameters in a POST


  • Restify
  • SDK for NodeJS


  1. Setting up the Server

    1. Download and set up the NodeJS Server as per the instructions from Bluemix
    2. The code for our server
      var restify = require('restify');
      var cfenv = require('cfenv'); // Our CloudFoundry Required code
      var appEnv = cfenv.getAppEnv(); // Part of our Server code required
      var server = restify.createServer();

      //Server Creation
      var server = restify.createServer();

      server.listen(appEnv, function() {
      console.log('%s listening at %s',, server.url);

      server.use(restify.bodyParser({mapParams: true}));'/customer/:id', function (req, resp, next) {
      console.log("The request was received");
      console.log("Post received for customer " + + ". Thanks!");
      resp.send("Post received for customer " + + ". Thanks!");
      return next();
    3. Place that code into our app.js
    4. Open up the package.json file and ensure that dependencies and start are correct
    5. Screen-Shot-2016-12-18-at-7.26.26-PM
    6. cf push
    7. Ensure that the file is sucessfully pushed to bluemix
  2. BPM Set up

    1. Open up any process in the process designer
    2. Create a General Systems Service
    3. Create two variables
      1. result – string
      2. params – map
    4. Drop a piece of server script after the start node
      1. Inside put this code
      2. tw.local.params = new tw.object. Map();
        tw.local.params.put('id', 'zach');
    5. Go into the system toolkit and select implementation then read from http
    6. Drop it after the piece of server script
    7. Put your url, mine for example is ''
    8. For parameters set it to tw.local.params
    9. Connect all the services
    10. Screen-Shot-2017-01-01-at-11.05.05-PM


  3. Test

    Step through your integration service and ensure that it hits the webserver! Congratulations! You sent a POST!



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