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The SensiBLE 2.0 “IoT Hardware Ready” allows quick and easy prototyping of IoT devices. It just works — connect your sensor solution to the cloud less than three minutes.


Step by Step how to connect SensiEDGE’s SensiBLE to IBM Watson IoT Platform in IBM Bluemix and watch live sensor data stream.

Before we start you need to have a physical IoT hardware.


Please order: SIBA-JREB (Europe version) or SIBA-JRAB (American version).

SensiBLE 2.0


  1. Download & Install "ST BLE Sensor" App from Google drive/App Store


    This acts as the communication link between your SensiBLE 2.0 and the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

  2. Navigate to the last page on the app

    On the Device id, write name of the Device. This name will be your identifier in the IBM cloud.

    IBM Watson IoT - Quickstart ST BLE Sensor

    Press cloud !

  3. on/off the sensors you want to see on the cloud

    ST BLE Sensor choosing to the cloud.

  4. Open Browser :


    Enter the name of the module as you call it on step 2.

  5. Press the sensor you want to see:

    IBM Sensor Screen

    Final graphical result shown for temperature with value 20.79999 degree Celsius.


    Play with IBM Watson IoT Platform

    By Connecting  SensiEDGE’s SensiBLE 2.0 to IBM Watson IoT Platform in IBM Bluemix and watch live sensor data stream for other sensors also . SensiBLE 2.0 has on board sensor to connect with Cloud Platform.

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