Skill Level: Beginner

In this recipe, you will learn how to connect your configured SensorInsight Air Quality Solution to IBM Watson IoT Platform on Bluemix.


1. Hardware: Your configured Smart Environment PRO Plug & Sense! and your sensor(s) from the SensorInsight Store

2. An active IBM Bluemix account


  1. Introduction

    The SensorInsight Integrate

    SensorInsight Integrate is a data collection framework designed from the ground up to connect, monitor and transform sensor data. Real-time data on each of your assets or external systems can be collected, allowing you to gather large volumes of cross-domain data in a scalable and secure manner.

    IBM Watson IoT Platform

    The IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. When combined with the IBM Bluemix platform, Watson IoT Platform provides simple, but powerful application access to IoT devices and data. You can rapidly compose analytics applications, visualization dashboards, and mobile IoT apps. Create IoT applications that feed insights to your backend enterprise applications.


  2. Architecture


    SensorInsight’s Air Quality hardware gathers data from each of your sensors and sends that data, either through a gateway or through a 4G connection, to the SI Integrate where the data is compiled and configured to produce meaningful information that can later be analyzed and viewed in IBM Bluemix or the SensorInsight Platform.

  3. Connecting your hardware

    1.      Connect your Plug & Sense! to your sensor(s). You should easily be able to twist sensors into their respective ports.

    2.      Turn on and begin collecting data. Note: some sensors take a few minutes to warm up.

  4. Connecting your device on IBM Watson IoT

    1.      Log in to your IBM Watson IoT account at https://internetofthings.ibmcloud.com/dashboard/#/ibmssolanding


    2.      Click on your desired organization

    3.      On the menu bar on the left, choose “Devices”

    4.      Click “Add Device”


    5.      Create or choose your device type and proceed to creating your device.

    6.      Enter your device ID and any additional details you want for your device.

    7.      Complete the Security portion. You can either auto-generate a token or create your own but be sure to keep this information as it will be needed later and will not be recovered by Bluemix.


    8.      Once your device has been generated, save your information for this device and send the following to info@sensorinsight.io with the subject “ATTN: Device Data Routing”:

    • Your name
    • Organization ID
    • Device Type
    • Device ID
    • Authentication Token
    • Your Order Number from our store receipt


    9.      Our team at SensorInsight will route your data to your Bluemix account and send a confirmation.

  5. View your data on Bluemix: Make a dashboard

    1. Go to the “Boards” section of the menu on the left side of your screen.

    2. Choose the type of card you would like to use: rule-centric analytics, usage overview or device-centric analytics. Once you have chosen a type, click on “+ Create New Board.”

    3. Choose how you would like to display your data by going into the “Devices” section. In this example we will have picked “Line graph.”


    4. Select your device and define the data set. Click “Connect new data set” and follow the promts to enter information necessary, ie. name, event,property, etc. 

    5. Click “Next” and title your card, give a description and choose a color before clicking “Submit.”



    For more ways to vizualize your data, check out the following recipe: Configuring Boards & Cards in the new Watson IoT Dashboard by Recipes@WatsonIoT

  6. Conclusion

    SensorInsight provides the use of SI Integrate to improve the data viewing and tracking experience, pushing data from your Air Quality sensors to your IBM Watson IoT account. Once your device information is sent to SensorInsight, data flow will begin and you will be free to enjoy you Air Quality Monitors.

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