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Introductory know how of EnOcean sensors and Gateway, Bluemix, Watson IoT Platform, Real time Insights and TRIRIGA


HW and SW Requirements:

  1. EnOcean Sensors
  2. EnOcean Smart Gateway and Software
  3. Watson IoT Platform and RTI
  4. TRIRIGA Server v10.5


  1. Architecture

    A new system admin joins the company and need to inspect the server room. System admin presses the switch on the door of the server room. Based on the pressed action, an event is generated from the switch sensor which is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform. IBM Watson IoT real time insights analytics server captures the event in real time and alerts the Facility Manager for server room. Based on the validation, Facility Manager provides access of the server room to the system admin and close the work task in IBM TRIRIGA.

  2. Steps to Prepare:

    1. The first step will be setting up the EnOcean sensor and configuring it with EnOcean Smart Gateway (https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/integrate-smart-EnOcean-gateway-with-ibm-watson-iot-platform/)

    2. The next step will be to create EnOcean sensors as devices and Smart EnOcean Gateway as Gateway in IBM Watson IoT Platform (https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/integrate-smart-EnOcean-gateway-with-ibm-watson-iot-platform/)

    3. Once the devices and gateways are registered, then sending the event and checking the heartbeat of the sensors on IBM Watson IoT Platform (https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/integrate-smart-EnOcean-gateway-with-ibm-watson-iot-platform/)

    4. Configure Real time Insights service to capture the EnOcean sensor events and feed the Real time Insights rule for Server room permit in TRIRIGA

    5. Configure custom REST in TRIRIGA using OSLC, Report Query and Portal Builder.

  3. Steps to follow:

    Figure 1 shows creation of data source in IBM Watson IoT Real time Insights service

    Figure 2 shows new schema creation using IoT connection as data source and F6-02-01 as EnOcean rocker switch device type

    Figure 3 shows selection of connected device events from EnOcean rocker switch

    Figure 4 shows selection of all events from the EnOcean rocker switch as data points

    Figure 5 shows adding a new rule in RTI and using existing defined schema (Switch_Schema)

    Figure 6 shows selection of event button pressed from the existing data point values

    Figure 7 shows providing the value of EnOcean rocker switch button pressed as pressed

    Figure 8 shows adding the action ServerRoom_Task for value = pressed in the Real time Insights Analytics (Rule Action configuration) tab

    Figure 9 shows Web hook action configuration with REST Call for TRIRIGA

    example: http://TRIRIGAPublicIP/context/oslc/so/yourcustomREST

    Figure 10 shows customized message body where {{message}} is the output JSON of Real Time Insights captured from the incoming message from EnOcean sensor Rocker Switch



    “spi:triNameTX”:”Sensor Alert”,

    “spi:action”:”Create Draft”,

    “spi:triTaskTypeCL”:”Sensor Alert”,





    Note: To create a customized REST for TRIRIGA like the example mentioned in the screen shot below. Please follow the figure and the videos (no sound) below

    Figure 11 shows steps to create custom REST Call in TRIRIGA

    Figure 12, 13 and 14 shows activate the ServerRoom_Task

    Figure 15 shows event creation on the rocker switch button pressed in the IBM Watson IoT Platform Analytics Real Time Insights Dashboard tab
    Figure 16 shows Incoming Message from EnOcean Sensor in Real Time Insights Dashboard
    Figure 17 shows IBM TRIRIGA Dashboard view where sensor alert is created and work task creation to provide access to the employee for the Server Room by Facility Manager
  4. Follow up actions:

    – Email / SMS notification to the Facility Manager on his dashboard

    – Facility Manager provides access to the server room

    – Close the work tasks

  5. Outcome:

    Connecting real-time sensor data for EnOcean rocker switch to IBM Watson IoT Platform, resulted into contextual work tasks creation in TRIRIGA smart facility solution.

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