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Instead, Mailspice and other analytics tools that anonymizes e-mail tracking default will likely offer a compliant system that’s very useful indeed.


For years now, there has been a level of uncertainty about how newsletters and e-mail marketing tracking takes place. As analytics become more powerful and companies are able to do even more with the data that they collect, privacy becomes a rather pertinent concern. One of the most significant parts of this concern, though, is new rulings coming into play in 2018. Put together by the GDPR, new data privacy laws are due to come into effect that will drastically change tracking and analysis.

It will have a profound effect on how many companies manage their e-mail/newsletter tracking and analytics. For that reason, it’s important that companies make an intelligent investment in complying with the new rules. A failure to do so could be quite a significant issue, so it’s within the interests of those involved in the industry to change how they track and analyse their user base.


  1. The Simplest Solution to GDPR Analytical Changes

    Thankfully, for those getting nervous thinking about the new rule changes, a solution already exists. Known as Mailspice Analytics, this tool is already fully GDPR-compliant. For that reason, many turned to use its service in recent times, looking to make sure that they can comply with these forceful new changes.

    These new laws are going to really change how people maintain privacy and protect their identity. Anything that looks to try and invade and infringe on that right will become likely to be blocked or stopped. For this reason, Mailspice has become a very popular option on the market for the fact it already meets the strict criteria put in place by the new European laws due to come in 2018.

    Why does this work as the primary solution? Because it’ already fully compliant. The new GDPR privacy laws have made privacy and anonymous e-mail tracking a must. This will now be set by default, known as Data Privacy by Default. You now need to actually enable that feature, but by default it will be turned off to ensure 100% compliance. For those worried about anonymity in their e-mail/newsletter marketing campaigns, this offers a simple get out of jail card to use.

  2. Won’t This Kill Analytics?

    Of course, critics are very unhappy about the change. The claim that it will drastically reduce their opportunities to manage data and therefore hamper the user experience. That, however, has been shown not to be the case already. Via Mailspice, you will still have access to high-quality analytics.

    This means that developing high-end reports and statistics about how successful a marketing campaign was will still be possible. Those worried that they’ll back to the days of marketing in the dark and without analysis can calm down; these concerns are overplayed.

    Instead, Mailspice and other analytics tools that anonymizes e-mail tracking default will likely offer a compliant system that’s very useful indeed. If you fear that your days of running a newsletter are gone due to a lack of analysis, fear not; this couldn’t be further from the case.

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