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You can now use the power of Transformation Advisor's integration with Microclimate on IBM Cloud Private to move an application from your on-prem WAS server to a Liberty container running on IBM Cloud Private in minutes!


Your Application WAR or EAR file.

Transformation Advisor running on IBM Cloud Private

Microclimate running on IBM Cloud Private

Access to a Github or Gitlab repository


  1. Ensure Microclimate is installed and running

    Before starting, ensure that you have Microclimate running on IBM Cloud Private (ICP) and you have a note of the URL address.

    To check that it is running, go to the ICP dashboard and check under Workloads->Deployments in the hamburger menu…


    You should see microclimate deployments listed. Go to the Launch link and launch the Portal.


    You should launch into the Microclimate Projects page. Take note of the URL you will need this later.


    If you do not see Microclimate in your deployments you will need to install Microclimate from the Helm chart. Please follow the instructions for deploying Microclimate here : https://microclimate-dev2ops.github.io/installicp

  2. Create a Github or Gitlab repository

    If you don’t already have a Github repository that you can use, you can signup for a github account  here : https://github.com/join?source=header-home

    And once you have an account, create a repository to upload your migrating application to..


    Take note of the URL to your Git repository. Also you will need an access token. Go to Settings->Developer settings and create a Personal Access token. Copy the token as you will need it later.

  3. Run the Transformation Advisor

    If you don’t already have the Transformation Advisor installed, follow the steps here : https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/deploying-transformation-advisor-into-ibm-cloud-private/

    This Tutorial assumes you have already run the data collector on your WAS server and are ready to migrate an application to IBM Cloud Private. If you haven’t used the Transformation Advisor to analyze applications previously you should read this first : https://developer.ibm.com/recipes/tutorials/using-the-transformation-advisor-on-ibm-cloud-private/

    From the Hamburger menu on IBM Cloud Private, launch the Transformation Advisor.

    On ICP 2.1:


    (On ICP 3.1 it can be found under the Tools sub-menu.)


    Select the Application you wish to migrate from the Recommendations tab and hit the ‘Migrate Plan’ button




  4. Complete your migration bundle

    Transformation Advisor will automatically generate the artifacts you need to get your application deployed and running in a Liberty container on IBM Cloud Private, including …

    • server.xml
    • Helm Charts
    • Dockerfile
    • deployment.yaml


    It also creates for you the build artifacts needed by Microclimate to build and deploy your application, including …

    • Jenkinsfile
    • pom.xml


    You will need to add the application binary itself (EAR/WAR file) and any external dependencies that may be particular to your application such as database drivers. These files can easily be added on the Migration Plan page at the click of a button.


    Once all required application dependencies are uploaded, you will be able to either download the Migration bundle (if you wish to manually deploy your app) or hit the Deploy Bundle button on the right hand side of the screen to help you automatically deploy the application using Microclimate.


  5. Deploy your application

    If you hit the Deploy button you will be asked on the next screen to fill in the details you saved from earlier steps as shown below…



    Use the Git URL and credentials you gathered earlier in Step 2 and the Microclimate URL from step 1. The Microclimate project name can be anything you want as long as it’s unique and a lowercase string.

    Hit the deploy button and Transformation Advisor will begin the three-step process of deploying the application to IBM Cloud Private by firstly pushing the bundle to Git, then connecting with Microclimate and creating a project and kicking off the Jenkins pipeline in Microclimate to pull the migration bundle from Git, containerize your application and deploy it.




    Once these steps are complete, you should see the three steps complete as below


     If you wish you can see the files you have pushed to Git by following the Git link



    If you wish you can edit the migration bundle files directly in Git….


    At this point TA has handed off the build and deployment work to Microclimate and you can monitor progress in Microclimate by selecting the Jenkins pipeline link…


  6. Sit back relax and watch your application deploy!

    If you chose to track the progress of the pipeline you will be taken to Microclimate Projects UI.



    Select ‘Open Pipeline’ and you should see your build and deploy progressing in Jenkins as shown below:



    It may take several minutes to complete, you can view the log files for each stage from this UI also.

    Once complete you should be able to go back to the ICP Dashboard and check that your application is deployed and running. Check under Workloads->Deployments in the hamburger menu as described in Step 1.

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