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ConnectingUsing two devices, one acts as the device simulator, and the second is used to visualize data from the simulator. (You can run both in a single browser instance, but then you are dependent on the browser’s capabilities).On your first smartphone/tablet/computer, start the simulator by browsing to The simulator connects automatically and starts publishing […]


For best results, use two separate smartphones/tablets/computers, each with a websockets-enabled browser.


  1. Connecting

    This recipe works best by using one device to control the simulated sensor and another device to view the data visualization.

    1. To view the simulated sensor, go to The simulator connects automatically and starts publishing data. The simulator must remain connected to visualize the data.
    2. Use the simulator buttons to change the simulated sensor readings. Data is published periodically.


    There are three simulated sensors:

    • Object temperature.
    • Temperature.
    • Humidity.
  2. Visualizing your data

    1. Note the device ID of the simulated device (it's a mix of numbers and letters displayed in the top right corner).
    2. Enter the device ID into the box here.

11 comments on"Use the simulated device to experience the IBM Watson IoT Platform"

  1. ValerieLampkin October 27, 2015

    For step 2 visualizing data, you no longer have to change the sensor’s address to remove colons and make it lower case. The latest sensor simulator displays the character in the correct format for you.

  2. >>> Note the MAC address of the simulated device (displayed in the top right corner, it’s something like AF:01:C7:BB:E5:72)

    Cant see any MAC address on the top right corner 🙁

    • Hey! The simulated device was updated, so it no longer displays a MAC address, now it just displays the device ID which you need to enter! Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. NigelBerkeley February 11, 2016

    I’m a bit confused about what this is actually doing. After a lot of fiddling and experimenting, I managed to get the simulated data to come into NodeRed. But when I look in the IoT foundation dashboard, I can’t see anything in the logs about connections or device events. Is it actually using the BlueMix IoT foundation service at all?

    So obviously if it’s not communicating via the IoT Foundation service, its communicating with the Node.js runtime some other way. Exactly how would be very nice to know and some added clarification in the recipe would be very much welcomed.

    I also tried to get it working with the IoT Realtime Insights with no luck. But again, if its not using IoT Foundation, I can understand why this wouldn’t work.

  4. how can i find location from device id?

  5. June 22, 2016

    The device id changes on each run. Is there a was to define a stable device id ?

  6. How can I control the simulated sensor using python and not javascript.

  7. I have a python code. I want to make it interact with this simulator. How can I do that. It seems to be running on javascript.

  8. where is the device id located?

  9. I got “Not Found ” message when connect to Is the IOT simulator sill available?

  10. Francisdsouza September 05, 2017

    404 error! when simulating on

    Can somebody highlight if the post is relevant?

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