Skill Level: Beginner

This article covers using playbooks from a collection in Ansible Tower.


  • Ansible (2.10)

  • Ansible Tower


  1. Installing an Ansible Collection on your local workstation

    For this article, let us consider that we need to install satellite and there is a collection already available in the community. Example of an Ansible Collection to install and tune satellite is https://github.com/jjaswanson4/install_satellite.git.

    With ansible 2.10, we can install ansible collection using git url

    # ansible-galaxy collection install https://github.com/jjaswanson4/install_satellite.git,master
    Starting galaxy collection install process
    Process install dependency map
    Starting collection install process
    Installing ' jjaswanson4.ansible_collection_aic_v3:3.0.0' to '/root/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/jjaswanson4/install_satellite'
    Created collection for jjaswanson4. install_satellite at /root/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/ jjaswanson4/install_satellite
    jjaswanson4.install_satellite (1.0.0) was installed successfully
  2. Invoking the playbook from collections in your own playbook

    In your main.yml add the following:

    # vi my_playbook/main.yml
    - name: Install Satellite
    import_playbook: "{{ playbook_dir }}/../requirements_collections/ansible_collections/jjaswanson4/install_satellite /playbooks/install_satellite.yml"
    remote_user: 'ansible'
    become: true

    So basically, you need to import the playbook and provide the full path of the collections playbook.

  3. How to use this same playbook within Tower

    You need to add the collections as a requirement.

    Create collections/requirements.yml as follows. This mainly for when we add the playbook in a job template on AWX.

    # cat collections/requirements.yml
      - name: https://github.com/jjaswanson4/install_satellite.git
        type: git
        version: master

    When the playbook/project is updated in Tower, it will read the collections/requirements.yml and install the collection on the Ansible control node.

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