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Beginner This set of recipes does not require any programming experience.  


See the full requirements in the 'Hardware Requirements' section below.



  1. Overview

    An IoT developer wants the ability to quickly send sensor data to the cloud, visualize the data, and operate and make decisions based on the data. This set of recipes allows one to do all of these things in a simple straightforward manner using inexpensive hardware along with products from Wind River Systems and IBM. As a bonus, the developer can then rapidly prototype different scenarios of interest.

    This recipe serves as a high level map to a set of recipes that allows connection of embedded development boards(with sensors, displays, and actuators) to the IBM Watson IoT Platform. The embedded development boards run Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system or Wind River’s Rocket, a free embedded operating system specifically designed to quickly and easily build small, intelligent devices. Wind River’s Helix App Cloud, a cloud-based application programming environment is provided with examples for quickly connecting the embedded targets to IBM Watson IoT Platform’s Quickstart and Registered services. A Node-RED flow is also presented and can be used to receive data and send commands/information from the IoT Platform back to the embedded target board. Users can then extend this framework and develop their own comprehensive projects.

    The recipes set is broken up as follows:

    1. Hardware setup – Setup the target board with Grove Sensors.
    2. Quickstart – Connect the hardware target to IBM’s IoT Platform.
    3. Node-RED Data Visualization – Use a Node-RED example to visualize sensor data from the hardware target.
    4. Register – Register your hardware target with the IoT Platform.
    5. Connect registered device – Connect the registered device to the IoT Platform.
    6. Node-RED Logic – Use a Node-RED example to receive device data, make a decision and send a command back to the target.
    7. Weather data – Enrich your device data with weather data.

    It is best to follow the individual recipes in the order provided as they build on each other.

  2. u00a0Hardware Requirements

    To follow these recipes the following hardware/operating system(OS) options are available:

    • VxWorks Real-Time OS with Intel Galileo Gen2 Development Board
    • Rocket OS with Intel Galileo Gen2 Development Board
    • Rocket OS with NXP Freedom K64F Development Board

    Also needed are a set of sensors and some common equipment. The recipes use:

    If you use the Intel Galileo Gen2 Development Board, then the following is also necessary:

    Complete instructions for setting up the hardware is provided in the first recipe.

  3. Next Steps..

    When you have finished the steps above, proceed to the Hardware Setup.

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