• Obtain an IBM ID
    • If you do not have an IBM ID, you will need to create one.

  • Get Access to Product Image for Dev/Test/Support

Develop the Integration with MaaS360

    IBM MaaS360 Manager offers simple way to write a custom integration application which will leverage a wide ranging WebServices API with Python scripts. Your new program will allow you to identify devise using your application and to extract data from MaaS360 and import that data into you native systems for analysis. This information can be digested and used by company administrators providing actionable intelligence.

  • Download the MaaS360 Webservices – Reference Guide – v10.80_2020202
  • Learn more about the MaaS360 Web Services
  • Download the MaaS360 Integration Package.
  • View PartnerGettingStarted.docx: This file is for you, the partner. It has instructions about modifying the source code to customize for your integration requirements.

  • Create the Application Exchange Artifact Submission Package (zip file), which includes:

  • ReadMe.docx: This readme file has instructions for the customer. You should replace the text in this file with your service/product. You may choose to update this file with more details about your service/product if required.
  • PartnerConfig.py: This python script contains the web service calls specific to each partner integration. You need to modify this file to suit your requirements.
  • Runner.py: This python script will be run by the customer to enable the integration between MaaS360 and your service/product. You do not need to modify it.
  • MaaS360APIs.py: This python script contains the base functionality for calling MaaS360 web service APIs. DO NOT edit this file.

  • Request Access to IBM Security AppExchange Submission Portal

    • The person responsible for the submission to the IBM Security App Exchange, will need to be granted permission to the Submission Portal.
      • Login to the IBM Security App Exchange once your IBM ID
      • Send an email to maas360ecosystem@wwpdl.vnet.ibm.com requesting access to the Submission Portal and provide your IBM ID.
        Subject: MaaS360 Submission Portal Access Request

    Submit Application to the Application Exchange

  • Once added, the next time you log in to the App Exchange, you will see a link to the Submission Portal.
  • Click the “Submission Portal” link in the left menu bar, and follow the submission process.
  • Follow this LINK for detailed step by step instructions for the IBM Security App Exchange submission portal.
  • If assistance is needed or questions arise please send an email to maas360ecosystem@wwpdl.vnet.ibm.com