Collaboration, integration and teamwork are jargon you might hear daily in your professional life. We strive to collaborate with our colleagues, family and friends to achieve our personal goals and share expertise. In 2015, IBM Security took this collaborative approach to the next level by launching the IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace for the security community, and inviting all partners and clients to create and share apps based on the company’s security technologies. This ecosystem of apps enabled IBM and partners to collaborate to develop a stronger defense against the threats affecting the security market

Unlock the Full Potential of the IBM Security App Exchange. Since its inception, the IBM Security App Exchange has introduced several significant apps that are being leveraged by market players to strengthen their security defense with collaboration. The ecosystem already has around 100 apps, including IBM and partner apps, and the numbers are increasing. In our client meetings, numerous testimonials have been shared regarding how the App Exchange is vital for a collaborative defense, and clients are eager to know what’s cooking.

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