Product and REST API Documents

The product and REST API documents are available within the Resilient platform. Open the Help/Contact menu to access.

  • Playbook Designer Guide. This guide provides the information to create and maintain dynamic playbooks.
  • System Administrator Guide. This guide provides the information an IT administrator needs to configure the Resilient platform within your environment, including network, inbound email server, and threat source settings, as well as procedures to create and maintain users, groups, roles and more.
  • User Guide. This guide provides information for the response team to manage incidents and tasks.
  • REST API Reference. This guide provides reference material for interacting with the REST API.
  • Interactive REST API. This tool provides developers interactive access to the IBM Resilient REST API.

You can also view the product guides and additional information in the IBM Knowledge Center. (This link takes you to a page where you can choose the version of the Resilient platform.)

Extension Development Documents

Communities and Other Resources

  • Script examples. Example scripts and rules for use in Resilient playbooks.
  • IBM Resilient Community Apps repository on GitHub. Provides access to library modules, community-provided extensions, example scripts, and developer documentation. It also contains the Resilient Circuits and helper module packages.
  • IBM Security App Exchange. Provides access to the Resilient community apps on IBM X-Force. You can download functions and other extensions from the IBM X-Force Community App Exchange. You must have an account to download extensions.
  • IBM Security Partner Ecosystem. Introduction to IBM Security and the IBM Security App Exchange.
  • IBM Security Community. Latest news, announcements and event information, plus discuss ideas and problems with other developers.

Python Related Information

IBM Resilient Platform Software for Integration Partners

IBM technology partners can gain access to Resilient platform software for development and testing, co-marketing opportunities, and many additional resources.

Additional Material

Customer Success Hub

The IBM Resilient Customer Success Hub is your home for learning about and using the Resilient IRP. The Customer Success Hub provides a range of educational materials – including videos, whitepapers, FAQs, webinars – to help you use the platform to its fullest. It also provides a fast and easy way to search for and access information, and to open, review, and track support tickets.

IBM Resilient GitHub

GitHub repositories containing the IBM Resilient API client libraries, application development frameworks, and a wide range of code examples and community contributions.


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