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Build with the CockroachDB Operator from Red Hat Marketplace

For developers who use Red Hat OpenShift® 4, Red Hat Marketplace offers software that you can immediately deploy on any OpenShift cluster in a fast, integrated way.

This tutorial series shows you how to use the CockroachDB Operator from the Red Hat Marketplace to more efficiently integrate your database with Kubernetes internals, enabling hybrid cloud, infrastructure-agnostic PostgreSQL-as-a-Service.

Specifically, learn to:

  • Configure a Red Hat OpenShift cluster with Red Hat Marketplace and connect the cluster to your command line interface.
  • Install the CockroachDB Operator, deploy the Operator to an OpenShift cluster and create a database instance.
  • Create a database in CockroachDB, access the admin console on your localhost, and perform DML operations on CockroachDB using a Python runtime and Jupyter notebook.
  • Get unstructured JSON data from an API, store it in CockroachDB hosted on Red Hat Marketplace, and query the unstructured JSON data from the table using Python and Jupyter notebooks.
  • Use your CockroachDB Operator to build a library management system.