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Build with the CrunchyDB Operator from Red Hat Marketplace

For developers who use Red Hat OpenShift® 4, Red Hat Marketplace offers software that you can immediately deploy on any OpenShift cluster in a fast, integrated way. This tutorial series shows you how to use the CrunchyDB Operator from the Red Hat Marketplace.

Specifically, learn to:

  • Configure a Red Hat OpenShift cluster with Red Hat Marketplace and connect the cluster to your command line interface.
  • Install the Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes Operator, create and deploy the Operator to an OpenShift cluster and create a database, and access the cluster on your localhost.
  • Perform CRUD operations using the Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes Operator hosted on Red Hat Marketplace using a Python runtime and a Jupyter notebook.
  • Build a movie ticket reservation application using Crunchy Data PostgreSQL on Red Hat Marketplace.