Configure, monitor, and understand machine learning models

IBM Watson™ OpenScale is an open platform that enables organizations to automate and operate their artificial intelligence across its full lifecycle. Watson OpenScale provides a powerful environment for managing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, or other platforms. It offers the following benefits:

Open by design: Watson OpenScale provides insights into the health of machine learning and deep learning models – performance, as well as accuracy and fairness of outcomes – built using any frameworks or integrated development environments, and deployed on any model-hosting engine.

Fairer outcomes: Watson OpenScale detects and helps mitigate model biases to highlight possible fairness issues. As biases are detected, Watson OpenScale automatically creates a de-biased companion model that runs beside the deployed model, thereby previewing the expected fairer outcomes to users without replacing the original model.

Explanation of transactions: Watson OpenScale helps enterprises bring transparency and auditability to AI-infused applications by generating explanations for individual transactions, including the attributes that were used to make the prediction and weightage of each attribute.

Watson OpenScale supports the following machine learning engines:

Get started

The following code patterns help you get started with each of the supported machine learning engines: